Of Gods and Men, is an Excellent Film

The great appeal Of Gods and Men is it’s message and it’s story telling. This film made it into my top ten list of movies when I watched it last night, and it has won many awards.

First, it is historically accurate.

Second, the power of the film is undeniable, even though it has subtitles and the majority of its dialogue is in either French or Arabic.

Third, it details the simple life of Trappist Monks who wrestled with the intimate questions of the purpose of their life, death, their beliefs, and service to others — all while living an agrarian life of service to poor Muslims, in a village in Algeria.

There is one scene which captures the entire story and scope of the film, all without a single line of dialogue. During that scene, the music of Tchaikovsky perfectly captures the entire scope of the film, both in it’s entirety up until that point, and of what was to come. While the Monks drank wine at dinner, the music spoke.

This is a must see movie for those inspired by courage and the imperfections of humanity.

If I could, I’d make every high school history class show this film.

Hats off, in particular, to both Michael Lonsdale and Lambert Wilson, whose performances were excellent, textured and true.

Look for Gods of Men on Netflix or you can find it now on Comcast on Demand.

You should watch it — it’s well worth the time.