Shhhhhh: The WH is Quiet after 13 American Nuke Plants take the 5.9 Earthquake in Stride

I was expecting the anti-nuclear power crowd at the White House would have used the recent earthquake in Virginia to wring their hands and nod solemnly about the need to frighten “be concerned” about the close proximity of a nuclear power plant to the epicenter of the quake.

But, wait — silence, even from the White House, who took the ignition of Deep Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico as an opportunity to shut down off-shore drilling in the U.S. — jobs lost be damned.

Why isn’t the White House carping about earthquakes and nuclear power?

How about because the nuclear generating power station shut down, just like it was supposed to, during the quake?

Perhaps it is time to point this out: the 5.9 earthquake happened right next to the North Anna Power Station in Louisa County, Va., an American nuclear power plant which was 10 miles away from the epicenter, and everything worked just as it was supposed to, no trouble at all.

No leaks. No problems, nada.

In fact, 13 American nuclear power plants were shaken by the recent quake, and there was no damage to any of the nuclear systems at any of the power plants.

So chalk one up for the nuclear design teams, whose reactors just took a 5.9 quake in stride.

But the folks at Beyond Nuclear could not keep their mouth shut: “Once again, Mother Nature is warning us that nuclear power is the most brittle of electrical power systems,” said Paul Gunter, director of reactor oversight for the Washington group Beyond Nuclear.

Really Gunter? Oh, and Democrat Rep. Markey couldn’t resist either, his safety Nazi in full bloom, calling for “stronger earthquake safety” after the recent east coast quake.

Everything worked perfectly, but he wants more safety.