Death of the West: the Euro and Dollar Fail, while the Rise of Oil puts Muslims on Top

It is unclear how much clearer things need to get before the elite get it: the strategic correlation of forces is steadily and regularly eroding the position of the West vis-à-vis the Muslim world.

Ironically, Greece, the cradle of early democracy, may or may not, be the proximate cause of the collapse of the leading Western currency: the Euro.

For those Americans who don’t get it, the dollar is worth a whole lot less than one Euro and the dollar is likely to stay at the bottom for many, many years. Even with the Greek crisis, the Euro is the currency of value, for the rest of the planet.

The even more world-view-rocking-news is that the U.S. financial balance sheet is worse than the Greeks.

So the cradle of democracy and its over-watcher, the U.S., are economic basket cases because the elected politicians can’t do a single and simple thing: stop spending.

If anyone believes that any of the $4 Trillion in so-called cuts that the GOP will trade with The One, the Spender-in-Chief, the Trillion Dollar President will actually happen — please, keep smoking whatever you are smoking.

To the happily naive, the Spender in Chief will double cross the GOP with the Fed printing presses, and just by-pass Congress.

That’s just for starters, because Congress itself, with the Dems running the Senate — simply will refuse to carry out the $4 Trillion in so-called, alleged, to-be-announced-but-never-happen, promises-from-a-drunk-spender-to-stop.

The One hates cutting government spending, and has lied about cutting spending since the day he announced he was running for President.

Meanwhile, there are so many different ways The One can, has already and will double cross the GOP on spending – and he will take advantage of every single one and keep spending.

(If you get the sense that I believe the U.S. House in GOP control may be able to stop The One from any new idiotic trillion dollar spending, but not actually cut anything in any way that really matters, good for you, you’re right. The GOP will not stop the debt limit increase, which will, in turn, not force serious cuts in order to keep paying our debts, and not default. The SOP of the elite is simple: more debt now, for promises of cuts later. Promises that are never kept.)

Don’t believe any $4 Trillion in cuts — it is ALWAYS wrong, and never before has their been any Trillion dollar cut actually put into law and then actually carried out any U.S. government — and certainly any promised trillion dollar cuts will not be carried out by the Trillion dollar President, by The One, with the Dems running the Senate.

But, as usual, the big picture escapes the cries of SPEND and PRINT money from Wall Street, the lame stream media and the elite in general: did you hear the good news, if we bail out Greece again, the Western monetary system will not melt down?

So, let’s all sing bailout, bailout, oh, save us by bailing out the Greeks!

And now, because The One has pledged U.S. tax dollars to bailout the Greeks, well, the entire Western financial system is saved — stocks are up — except that the Brits are bailing on the bailout, and have been, for months, pulling cash out of the Greek mess, by the tens of billions of pounds (it takes $1.61 to buy one pound).

And threats of a Greek collapse will still happen, until the bailouts finally stop, then the Greeks will do what the U.S. has been doing since The One became President, print their own currency to pay for all their irrational spending and debts.

Yes, the fate of the Western financial system has come down to kicking the Greek collapse down the road another four months, in hopes that the economy will improve by then to help prevent another bailout because the Greeks cannot, or will not, pay their debts.

Meanwhile, the Muslim nations rise, drunk on cash and oil prices that create massive transfers of wealth so great that the citizens of the Gulf countries wonder where all the Porches and really nice cars are when they visit the U.S. — all while they marvel and snicker at the pathetic value of the dollar.

All of this is our fault, by the way.

For refusing to stop ObamaCare and its pernicious impact on spending, for not reining in any health care spending in Medicare or Medicaid by any real, significant level – ever, and for refusing with steadfast consistency to achieve our own, real, 100 percent energy independence from the Middle East.

Brazil has done what we cannot and will not, gain total independence from the Middle East on oil. They can tell the Middle East to go pound sand, we will not because we cannot.

Finally, it is the U.S. fault for printing our money into its current devalued status.

Here is what the Financial Times wrote about the Greek bailout — notice the value of the dollar versus the Euro — “eurozone finance ministers prepared to seek agreement among themselves on the structure of a new €120bn ($172bn) bail-out for the beleaguered country.”

If you do the math, it takes about $1.45 to buy one Euro.

So, in short, oil and gold are the leading value storing devices, the two primary Western currencies that were the main value storing devices on this planet are now in big trouble, and the U.S. dollar is a pathetic $1.45 per Euro.

In short, the Muslim world, financed through oil, is on the rise.

The U.S. is on the decline, and shows absolutely no ability to accomplish anything serious to change what is causing the decline – absolutely nothing at all.

We had time to cut our spending, and we did not.

We had time to become energy independent, and we did not.

Meanwhile, we elected a President who steadfastly refuses to do both, so in the contorted system we have, the Fed prints money to pay for the government no investor will continue to loan us money to pay for — all while we refuse to enact into law any real spending cuts.

It is a recipe the failure of democracy writ large – on a global basis.

But the left refuses to see they are the handmaidens of super-spending, energy dependence, and money printing (a la Krugman) which is the end of the West, as we have known it.

Meanwhile, the U.S. can’t cut spending to save itself, but will commit to new spending, er, debt, to save the Euro and the Greeks, one more time.

And there will be many Americans truly shocked when the Muslim world flexes its population and economic muscles, and makes the U.S. swallow hard.

Oh, wait, that already happened – Pakistan protected the man who killed 3,000 Americans, and we continue to write them billions in checks – for us having the privilege of being bent over — and having the Pakistanis who helped us, arrested.

This is what the new world entails, all because we can not stop spending beyond our means on health care, cannot pass laws to make us energy independent, and refuse to stop printing money to pay for the fact we cannot, ever, stop spending in any way that actually matters.