Pathetic — the U.S. Economic Decline is going Viral, and the Politics of it will not Help the GOP

This is real simple: The One and Senate Democrats refuse to ever cut spending in a meaningful way.

As a result, paltry cuts are well-reported but never actually occur.

The GOP, in control of only the U.S. House, will not precipitate a crisis by refusing to raise the debt ceiling.

The White House will call their non-bluff. This will end any ability of the GOP to force the Dems and The One to accept serious spending cuts. After the debt ceiling is raised, without any leverage, the status quo will remain.

The status quo is the Dems and The One will stop any serious, meaningful spending cuts.

The ever-wider claims of financial distress if the debt limit is not raised will happen regardless of whether the debt ceiling is raised, simply because with out the leverage of not raising the debt ceiling, spending will never, ever be cut.

Claims made by the GOP to cut spending will be seen as a joke by voters, and the Tea Party will continue to field and win GOP primaries that will force the old bulls of the GOP to actually force spending cuts on the Dems instead of a we-will-never-shut-down-the-government and we-will-never-not-raise-the-debt-limit posture.

Therefore, because of the foregoing political realities, U.S. government spending will remain high, deficits will continue to go up, the debt will continue to go up, the Federal Reserve will keep printing trillions of dollars, and the value of the dollar will continue to drop — meaning everything imported (like oil) will keep increasing in cost.

The inability of the United States to effectively face and deal with government spending is going to radically alter the U.S. superpower status, destroy life savings and unleash inflation.

We deserve what we are about to get, really.

It is not only that the day of the dollar is over, the United States as a superpower has begun to unravel, and all because The One and the Dems refuse to cut spending in any way that matters.

It is pathetic.

And the new civil war started by the Dems jamming of ObamaCare down America’s throat, combined with the total inability to cut spending because of the Dems and The One (along with the refusal of the GOP to force the cuts by shutting down the government or refusing to raise the debt limit) will only accelerate the alienation of the voters and the States from Washington, D.C.

The Dems are tone deaf to the revolt that his brewing, and the GOP don’t get it either — the public wanted two things: repeal ObamaCare and cut spending. Neither is happening and if the GOP think that the voters are radical now — just wait.

Not doing what the voters demand does not make them less radical, and not forcing the things the voters want on The One and the Dems is not going to make them less radical, it is going to enrage them further.

This radicalization will continue to be expressed in opposition to many D.C. laws through legal actions by the States — like, for example, States which refuse to implement ObamaCare. When this State level revolt spreads to economic decisions — as in opposing what D.C. decided and declares on the States — the Union will never be the same.

The contortions of the U.S. political system, because The One and the Dems refuse to cut spending, will be significant and damaging.