The One has Wasted our Time and Treasure

The One is finding that States are handing back billions and telling him to take his high speed rail (most of which funds small speed increases for existing slow Amtrak trains) and high tail it out of their state.

The One is weak, everyone can see it, smell it and taste it. It invites an expansion of influence into The One’s shrinking sphere of influence.

The One is out of touch. All he ever can do is spend more by raising taxes or going into debt. His budget has $1.5 Trillion in new taxes. His “freeze” in spending still increases spending annually. It’s beyond Clinton-like, it’s ObamaFantasy.

There is a looming sense he has wasted everyone’s time and money on his politically suicidal ObamaCare — and the grinding pain inflicted on his allies and friends will increase as the law is implemented — something the Dems simply cannot understand. (Just like they could not understand why they should not have crammed ObamaCare down everyone’s throat.)

And if the Supremes rule the mandate to buy is unconstitutional, and the law is made void because there was no House-Senate Conference to put a severability clause in, then Obama will go down in history as the worst President in a century. His first two years will be a massive waste of everyone’s time, all the while, the economy burned and is still burning.

His priorities are incomprehensible in a massive debt crisis and global currency war. The only real explanation for his priorities is that he is hell bent on massive wealth redistribution and empowerment of the government in the financial, medical, insurance, automobile, energy generation, mining, oil extraction sectors — while historically increasing our debt, spending and taxes to levels that could very well sow the seeds of the destruction of the U.S. dollar.

Without a doubt, The One’s agenda, priorities and actions are simply a foreign agenda to most Americans.