E.J. Dionne says the Media is too Tea Party Friendly

OK, so now I’ve really have heard everything.

E.J. Dionne, the uber-liberal, is complaining about the mainstream media coverage, it’s too-tea-party-friendly. Hah. The recent focus on the Federal debt, city and state debt has sent E.J. over the edge — he thinks it is all the Tea Party’s and the media’s fault.

Dionne uses the usual go to liberal lines about the bad economy and how cutting spending is not helping people, but cannot make the connection between the bad economy, our deficit or our debt or the value of the U.S. dollar that is circling the drain.

He really cannot see the relationship between The One’s take-over of any number of industries by legislation and regulation, and the corporations, investors and entrepreneurs sitting on their cash — or converting their dollars into foreign currency or holding their wealth in commodities, instead of U.S. currency. (How else does the price of gasoline keep rising while supplies are also rising?)

Dionne really believes this is a time for more government:

“this is also a time for more government – yes, more government – in areas that would expand opportunities and strengthen the economy.”

E.J., why don’t you read Atlas Shrugged?

You and your pals want the government in everyone’s lives, in everyone’s pocket, in everyone’s health care — and now you are lamenting the fact that the government cannot run the economy and that the public sees the public debt as the lead weight that is holding down job creation — all the while your pals tie the hands of those who could make a difference.

Does it really surprise anyone other than E.J. that the nation’s employers have collectively shrugged?

This is what happens when government is too big, too powerful and too greedy — in other words, run by a socialist like our current President.

The only rational reaction is to do nothing or to send your money outside the reach of the U.S., especially when the government is intrusive and ties your hands, debases the currency and taxes you to the point that doing anything is obviously counter-productive.

Actually, The One and Pelosi and Dionne go farther than the government being intrusive and heavy-handed via the IRS. Often The One and his pals include jail sentences for those who cannot follow the government’s rules. But E.J. says nothing about the exemptions given out to General Electric or for those the government deems should not have to follow the insane ObamaCare rules or law.

Everyone knows that the only way to fix the economy is to grow it, but Dionne and his pals are bent on doing everything they can to stop the changes that would allow the economy to grow.