More NYT Hypocrisy and the House Amendment to Defund ObamaCare

The New York Times is crying over the many and varied cuts that the GOP in the House is merrily voting on to trim the monster U.S. government.

These cuts are a result of not dealing with Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, so says the New York Times.

But the NYT did not oppose ObamaCare, a massive entitlement growth of Medicaid, nor did they call out the Dems on the fake half trillion in cuts to Medicare that The One said would finance ObamaCare.

The New York Times would get a whole lot more credibility if it held the Dems feet to the fire (such that the shrinking NYT editorial fires get these days) on cuts to the entitlements. But don’t count on it.

The only blood-sport — a word the editorial uses to describe the GOP cuts — the NYT indulges in is pounding the GOP on cutting a bloated government while ignoring cuts Dems say they want to make to the entitlement programs the NYT says need to be cut.

It’s hypocrisy: The NYT cries for the GOP to make cuts in entitlements, but ignores the non-existent entitlement cuts the Dems have already passed into law that were supposed to fund ObamaCare, but have not appeared in The One’s budget nor in any Dem efforts in the U.S. Senate.

Speaking of ObamaCare, other GOP House amendments to cut spending include amendments that, as reported by the NYT, “would cut all financing for the health care reform law.”

Oh boy, I wonder how that vote is going to turn out.