ELITE SUPER SHOCK: Supremes are the New ObamaCare Death Panel

As time slips by, and ObamaCare has it’s appointment with the Supremes — sooner or later — the decision will come to make void ObamaCare and its political wreckage for the Dems. (Of course, the political gains made by the GOP as a direct result of ObamaCare will largely be retained.)
It is highly unlikely that the Supreme Court will decide the individual mandate is unconstitutional, and then conclude that notwithstanding the fact that Congress did not include a severability clause, the Supremes are going to rule as if one was in the bill.

The reality that the ObamaCare train wreck could be all in vain, and that possibility is beginning to seep into the Dem consciousness.

So now, the Dems are trying to lie some more.

Really, they are trotting out Newsweek to explain that the individual mandate was a Republican idea. So if the Supremes throw out the individual mandate, they are really throwing out a Republican health care idea.

I have been in a continuous Republican and Democratic House and Senate office meeting cycle on health care since the HillaryCare fight. If a single Republican wanted a mandate, I can’t remember them telling me.

But this lying is all normal. The Dem ObamaCare play book goes like this:

First, refuse to compromise.

Second, dismiss experts who disagree with their policies, even if the Dems would be much better off politically and policy-wise if they listened.

Third, lie. They lie about the House and Senate rules, which if followed, would have prevented this sucking chest wound that is and has been draining the Dems of political life and energy. The One himself, for example, gave a speech to a Joint Session of Congress about a bill that was in his head, not the one being considered by Congress. That way he could say whatever he wanted.

You know: under ObamaCare, you can keep your health plan. Businesses will not drop their health benefits. It will lower the deficit. This is not socialism. We will cut government spending by half a trillion to pay for ObamaCare.

And on the mandate fight, Newsweek is now doing the lying. No surprise here, the media always carries The One’s water.

Yessssir, Yessssir, three bags full say they.

Fourth, because the Dems refuse to bend on their ObamaCare insanity, they break.

Politically, every time ObamaCare hits the news, it hurts the Dems and helps the GOP. The independent voters cannot stand ObamaCare, and their views are locked in. All the continuous ObamaCare stories do is remind voters why they voted the Dems out of the House, especially when the Dems refuse to budge on repeal or any serious changes.

The break-because-we-won’t-bend part has already come in the form of the Dems now not being able to stop a filibuster in the Senate, and the GOP taking the House.

But the Supremes are immune to lies like Newsweek tells as truth, and every blogger or news-media-Obama-bootlicker should be hounded for their usual we-will-do-anything-and-say-anything-for-The-One and his failures when they say the mandate was a Republican idea.

Only government by the nanny-state, freedom crushing leftists want a mandate — you know, like The One.