The Mainstream Media’s Dr. Jekyll Antidote

We know from the Dem ObamaCare cliff-jumping exercise, that the Dems listen to, and do as they are told by the mainstream media. But the cracks in the ObamaCare-hold-hands-and-sing-kum-bah-ya-love-fest are now beginning to be hard for the MSM to ignore.

First, Kate Pickert of TIME magazine wrote a piece that argued the Dems have fallen into a trap by passing ObamaCare, and that politically, things are going to get worse for the Dems as the law is implemented.

Second, David Brooks of the NYT laid out all the reasons that ObamaCare will likely fail, and the list is long, powerful and persuasive.

Third, Evan Thomas, a former editor of Newsweek magazine, said recently that ObamaCare has failed.

Fourth, Jennifer Rubin wrote a fascinating piece in the Washington Post where she cited Ezra Klein’s state-the-painfully-obvious-to-everyone-and-call-it-wisdom about the political realities of ObamaCare for the Dems: that there are “some bad signs” in the future and that it is “unpopular.”

Only the true-believers like E.J. Dionne are still pushing the fantasy that the Dems are going to rise again and win the ObamaCare fight.

That the Dionne-Dems are living in the fantasy of ObamaCare being a winning issue is really a symptom of their inability to face the facts: that the Dems should lock themselves in a room when they consider health care legislation because it turns them into Dr. Jekyll — and they become a danger to themselves and others.

The MSM and the Dems try but cannot continue to ignore the fact that Gallup found a plurality of Americans (46%) want ObamaCare repealed. The Dems made a practice of ignoring the intensity of those opposed to ObamaCare, but will they in the future?

After all, even the mainstream media is now dissing ObamaCare, since their strategy of purposefully ignoring and refusing to publish intelligent critiques of ObamaCare has failed. The MSM has little choice but to state the obvious.

What is extraordinary is that the Jonestown Kool-Aid Brigade could convince so many Dems to commit political suicide over such a bad law, a law that increases health care costs, decreases choices and changes everyone’s health care plan without their consent.

Clearly, the Dems have never faced a room full of employees where you have a discussion about changing their health care plan.

Basically, the Dems are simply not politically competent to handle the health care issue, their biases and passion always blinds them and they engage in self-destructive behavior, writ large.

This is nothing new, I have been saying it for months prior to the November election — but now (see above) the mainstream media is beginning to get the joke — they are seeing the Dems for what the public sees them as, worthy of a class-action political malpractice lawsuit.

Since the Dems will not listen to the public or the GOP on health care, perhaps the mainstream media now sees it’s role as the ones who must save the Dems from themselves — the Dr. Jekyll antidote.

As far as legislative battle goes to repeal ObamaCare, Horace Cooper has it exactly right:

How many times will vulnerable senators consent to voting on the most controversial elements of the new health care law – putting them between the rock of the right and hard place of the left – before they see the wisdom of breaking with Reid and voting, along with the House, to toss the whole business into the ashcan, even if they know Obama will veto the repeal?

In a sense, forcing a veto forces everyone’s hand – but after the results of November 2010 it is highly unlikely that there are that many vulnerable Senate Democrats who are willing to fall on their sword for the president. They would much rather let him take the heat – by vetoing repeal – than having to time and again calculate the proper course to take when confronted with wedge issues like repeal of the individual mandate, which the public supports and without which the whole scheme collapses in on itself.

The U.S. Senate is the perfect place to make the Dems repeatedly walk the plank. And walk they will, until they collectively decide they would rather, well, not walk the plank anymore.

ObamaCare has become one of the most potent wedge issues of this time, and expect it to be used as such, often.