SHOCK: NYT Serves ObamaCare Kool-Aid, Dems Drink It (again)

The Dems don´t get it. The public understands this, which is why the GOP has a hard 41 votes to sustain a filibuster (assuming the Dem plan to gut the filibuster fails) and the GOP controls the U.S. House.

The extent to which the Dems don´t get it on health care borders on pathological denial.

There is one exception, of course. Senator Schumer of NY has confided in his close colleagues that the American people see ObamaCare as increasing their health care costs, decreasing their choices and subjecting them to bureaucratic health care rules.

(Most Americans want to help those without health insurance, but not at the cost of destroying their own health care or bankrupting the country.)

Meanwhile, the NYT is serving vintage 2008 ObamaCare Kool-Aid to their Dem pals, in a story about the vote to repeal ObamaCare prior to the State of the Union speech, the NYT writes that the repeal vote:

could also produce an unintended consequence: a chance for Democrats once again to try their case in support of the health care overhaul before the American public. Democrats…[are] gearing up for a coordinated all-out effort to preserve and defend it. Under the law, they say, consumers are already receiving tangible benefits that Republicans would snatch away.

House Democrats will get help from allies in the Senate, who can stop any repeal, and at the White House, where officials hope to transform the law from a political liability into an asset, a centerpiece of President Obama’s expected bid for re-election.

So the bongs and crack pipes must have been in full view when the Dems went into to full LSD hallucination-mode to come up with this fantasy:

to transform the law from a political liability into an asset, a centerpiece of President Obama’s expected bid for re-election.

Did they miss the mid-term results? This ObamaCare as a “centerpiece” for re-election is not just unbelievably transparent posturing. This is the Jonestown Kool-Aid Brigade and their NYT enablers at it again. They actually believe this!

The Political Reality

Here is the reality: the vulnerable Dem Senators up next year are freaking out because they know they are going to get a relentless series of votes to repeal, gut, amend, hobble, defund, castrate and otherwise lobotomize ObamaCare.

If they don´t say yes to something, the growing political cancer known as ObamaCare will continue to eat their guts out. They must agree to changes, just to get ObamaCare off table. They need to cut their losses, and soon.

So, eventually the Dems in the Senate will cave to save their own skin, after all, they saw what happened to their pals in November.

To say the NYT is completely wrong does not even come close.

And Pelosi and Axelrod and The One keep forcing Dems to walk the ObamaCare plank by forcing them to defend what the American voting public want repealed.

They keep making the same mistake and keep telling themselves, oh boy, are we ever smart forcing our vulnerables up in the Senate in 2012 to defend, without change, ObamaCare.

And the NYT keeps helping the Dems act the part of political suicide bombers.