The One’s legislative failures haven’t even begun

In the midst of a global economic meltdown, Obama decides to push for the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” to allow gays to openly be gay and serve in the military.

This policy change was one of Obama’s top priorities — the other being the passage of the START treaty.

Don’t ask don’t tell went down in flames yesterday in the U.S. Senate.

And the House Democrats rejected — in their House caucus meeting — Obama’s tax deal with the Republicans. The rejection is non-binding, but may allow Pelosi to delay the vote or modify the package — at least while she is still Speaker.

As far as The One’s other priority — the START Treaty, things are not looking good in the Senate, where a two-thirds majority is needed to pass the Treaty.

America is being subjected to more brilliant political strategy and thought from Axelrod and The One, oh joy.

A perfect example of The One’s political genius is described well by Noonan:

…Mr. Obama said, essentially, that he hates the deal he just agreed to, hates the people he made the deal with, and hates even more the people who’ll criticize it. His statement was startling in the breadth of its animosity. Republicans are “hostage takers” who worship a “holy grail” of “tax cuts for the wealthy.” “That seems to be their central economic doctrine.”

As for the left, they ignore his accomplishments and are always looking for “weakness and compromise.” They are “sanctimonious,” “purist,” and just want to “feel good about” themselves. In a difficult world, they cling to their “ideal positions” and constant charges of “betrayals.”

Obama’s political failure continues — his attempt at small ball immigration reform crashed and burned this week too.

Forced to act like the moderate he said he was in his campaign, The One has become a very small, angry man.

The One cried that failure of ObamaCare would cost him his Presidency — instead, it’s passage destroyed the Obama brand, and with it his Presidency. He could have had his don’t ask, don’t tell, his immigration reform, a left-wing tax policy and the START Treaty — but he spent himself into a massive political deficit with the passage of ObamaCare.

And he is now left muttering about the unfairness of it all.


Note to the elite: The One’s legislative failures haven’t even begun.