START and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell — Obama’s go to Agenda in this Economic Crisis

American voters must really think the Democrats are terminally tone deaf.

After mid-term elections that saw 86 House GOP freshmen come to town – and the Dems lose effective control of the U.S. Senate — The One decides to push his START treaty with Russia, and to push for the repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

The arrogance of The One really knows no bounds.

The voters have said by a 2:1 margin: cut spending, lower the deficit and fix the economy.

But Obama is off chasing START Treaty fantasies and don’t ask don’t tell rainbows.

Meanwhile the currency war heats up and the masters of the universe at the Fed and the European Central Bank are finding their grip is slipping on their ability to influence the course of events globally.

Then again, The One can only spend, spend, spend — and since he knows the Congress will never agree to any new spend, spend, spend policies — perhaps The One does not know what to do about the economy. It sure appears that way.

If he can’t borrow new money or spend new debt, chasing rainbows is his only option because he is a hidebound spend, spend, spend ideologue.

Since Daddy took away the blank check, The One has gone about paying attention to the marginal and politically irrelevant.

Just remember, he knows what “is the right thing to do” — aren’t you glad?