Sen. Schumer Admits Tea Partiers Demand ObamaCare Repeal

Schumer, who handily won re-election this year, acknowledged the anger vented by tea partyers and others during the election but insisted that didn’t extend to upper-income tax cuts.

Roll Call:

Voters “did say ‘repeal health care,’ they did say ‘reduce the size of government.’ But not a single one of them from the tea party or anywhere said ‘give tax breaks to the wealthiest,’” Schumer said in a rare moment of candor.

I have been reliably told the Senator Schumer understands that the middle class hates ObamaCare because their health care choices have been limited and their costs have gone up radically. Schumer also understands that the Dems have done all this in order to help Americans who don’t vote.

He “gets it” in terms of the politics of ObamaCare and how toxic to the Dems ObamaCare is and its impact.

But he refused to stop it from happening, even as he advised Obama to drop it and not pursue it.

And not surprisingly, Schumer refuses to do anything legislatively to gut ObamaCare.