Obama the Dangerous: Why His Inability to Compromise could lead to War

One of the most alarming things about Obama’s arrogance and vanity is that he believes he is right — all the time. This is what is the most disturbing about Eleanor Clift’s comment about “too much hero worship” around The One — since she is writing about it, you know things are really bad — as in it’s not just the bowing and scraping around him, it’s that he believes it.

Why else would Clift write it? She hears things, she knows things and she is plugged into the White House.

So, let’s walk down the road of what could be next, shall we?

We know The One, even under extreme political pressure, will not compromise. ObamaCare taught the nation this is true. Not even when his advisers tell him to compromise, to back off — still he will not.

For those hopeful that Obama learned something from the mid-term elections, think again.

Obama’s next item on his agenda is the START Treaty.

He has run into a wall of well thought out opposition — Senator Lugar’s support notwithstanding — and guess what The One does?

He doubles down, he risks it and tells the opposition he’s right, they are wrong and he going to push for the START Treaty, their concerns be damned. No doubt, he thinks he is saving the world. Or he doing the “right thing,” words he used repeatedly to pass ObamaCare.

Obama is not trying to lower the deficit, cut spending or do anything else to help the economy — notwithstanding the voters who voted in 86 GOP freshmen in the House — and he continues to ignore every poll that found the economy and the deficit are the voter’s top concerns.

No, instead The One is using his lame duck political capital to attempt to pass START and to repeal don’t ask, don’t tell.

He really does not care one wit what the voters think or want. He does what he wants. (The fact that the lemming Dems are still following The One off another political cliff is both idiotic and consistent with their tin ear and willingness to be lead by the Jonestown Kool-Aid brigade whose key members are Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Axelrod.)

Now, apply this “hero-worship” and I’m-right-they-are-wrong-certainty to an international crisis.

Add the following:

The One can’t back down, after all, he is the hero. He is right.

The One can’t compromise (the hero never compromises.)

The One won’t listen to what his advisers say.

Naturally, The One won’t listen to or do what voters think is important.

Pick an issue like the currency war with China, or the tinderbox that is North Korea or any other possible international crisis that involves The One backing off or listening to his advisers or we end up in war.

Based on the course of The One’s Presidency, what do you think will happen?