Obama, Pelosi and E.J. Dionne need to understand the following

The media, in the form of E.J. Dionne (who now wants everyone to ignore the two trillion the are Dems will spend from the Treasury on ObamaCare) who is now writing about how Republicans must balance the budget, or the others in the left-wing media who somehow think the public gives a “rat’s patootie” about the START agreement or that they can somehow intimidate the GOP into caving because they deem passage to be the “right thing to do” — I have a message:

“we won.”

Unless you have forgotten, the Democrats just got their heads handed to them.

Do you think the GOP really cares what the Dem-media says about the START treaty?

The Dems have compounded their electoral failure by failing to elect new leadership in either the House or the Senate. This means the Dems have learned nothing.

Furthermore, their leader in the House is parading around the Capitol saying she will stop the GOP from fixing what enraged the voters.

What about any of this makes listening to the Democrats, or The One, a likely outcome? Is it their wise political counsel or recent success?

The One actively worked to destroy his Party’s majorities in the House and the Senate while enraging the voters and the GOP.

Republicans are going to follow his lead on anything, because — what was the reason again?

For all those Democrats and those in the media claiming the GOP should work with the President, perhaps they should recall the cram-down approach of the Dems on ObamaCare and the fact that neither the President nor Pelosi will budge an inch ObamaCare, even now.

If the Dems want to work with the GOP — hey, it’s a two way street now, and the burden is on the Democrats who have just been on a drunk power ride called, it’s our way or the highway.

Given that the Dems show no sign of listening to the GOP or the voters, the Dems should understand that their stubbornness means only one possible outcome: what goes around, comes around.