Eleanor Clift's "too much hero worship" around The One

Eleanor Clift is the dean of the liberal elite of Washington’s press corps. There is no debating her liberal street cred, none.

So why is she writing that there is too much hero worship around The One, and that “if his aides weren’t so in love with him and wrapped up in the idea of him as a transformational president, they might have seen this coming.”

Here are a couple of options:

a) she wishes Hillary had won — I know lots of Republicans, Independents and Democrats who do too;

b) she believes that Obama himself believes the hero worship;

c) she believes that Obama is so arrogant that is there is no aide who can stand up to him or convince him he is wrong about anything, and therefore, what happened to the Dems in the House, will happen to many of the 20+ Dem Senators up in 2012, while The One is at the top of the ticket;

d) the Dem-media was cheer leading and encouraging the President to over-reach on health care. Maybe the liberal press has realized they have created a monster (OK, so it’s a long-shot) who is self-destructing and they are trying to walk-back their cult-of-The-One coverage because it is likely going to make him lose by making his head bigger;

e) any combination of any of a) through d).

By the way, you have to read this, if you are wondering what the top Dem insiders are seeing and saying about the Obama White House. (H/T to blooch from comments below).