Pelosi will be Minority Leader, the Dems don’t have the Courage to Stop Her

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

And the voters are going to be on the receiving end of that fury when the Dems elect Pelosi Minority Leader.

Too bad the Democrats do not have any man or any woman who can lead them out of the blunder they are about to commit.

But voters and experts, operatives and Democratic card carrying members of the elite — Charlie Cook and Stu Rothensberg among them — could not stop the Dems from destroying themselves politically with their toxic spending and ObamaCare legislation.

The Dems preferred to listen to the E.J. Dionne-Pelosi alliance of media cheerleading (with the two Jonathans at the New Republic carrying POM-POMs and yelling a whole lot) — so why should the Democrats end their perfect record of political suicide?

They won’t, is the short answer.

The long answer is that there is no man or woman with the courage (brains are not necessary here) to stand up and challenge Pelosi.

And please don’t read me another bed-time story about the Blue Dogs to the rescue. They didn’t have the right stuff before the election and they have much less of it now.

The decimated ranks of Democrats notwithstanding, the Dems are headed over another cliff with the leadership of Obama-Reid-Pelosi. And they cannot stop themselves.

Pelosi is really delusional. Really. The woman thinks she can take back the House in two years while protecting ObamaCare and her big spending ways — which the voters just rejected by visiting on the Democrats a level of electoral violence not seen in the last 50 years.

Does anyone, anyone get the fundamental disconnect in her plan?

Here it is: the Dems will install as leader the woman who says she will do exactly the opposite of what the voters want — or more accurately, exactly the opposite of what the voters are demanding.

This is why Pelosi is delusional and why the Democrats self-destruction won’t stop.

They are still actively not listening.

Even the loss of their friends and allies has not made them listen.

It is hilariously tragic — for them.

And all the hundreds of millions spent vilifying Pelosi have not been wasted, those sunk costs will not, as everyone suspected, have been spent well but been spent.

Now, that investment keeps paying — but would not had Pelosi done the honorable, rational thing.

No need to re-educate independents or Reagan Democrats about the replacement for Pelosi (or Reid) now.

Oh, and no, I do not believe the “revolt” or Pelosi under pressure stories to resign.

Any Democrats speaking publicly against Pelosi are just chest-puffers, just like all the other Democratic Member of Congress who have failed to lead fellow Dems in opposition to her plans. Do not listen to what Members say about voting No in a symbolic vote against Pelosi. Who cares? What good will it do?

The only Democrat worth paying attention to is a Democrat who does something about Pelosi’s rush to be leader. And there are none running against her. That pretty much sums up the entire Congress.

And the talkers, they all collapse like a house of cards, and then resign or get unelected — see former Rep. Pomeroy or Rep. Stupak.

Dear reader, do not be amazed that the Democrats, even now, cannot act in their own interest. It is a continuation of their same actions and views before the election.