What Obama and Pelosi Really Mean, is they Refuse to Share Power

It is almost pathetic to watch the Democrats delude themselves about health care reform.

It starts with The One and Pelosi.

They said if they pass health care they will avoid the fate of former President Clinton, who lost 54 seats in 1996 because he did not pass health care reform.

Turns out, even with the massive demographic changes in the U.S., the Dems are on track to lose at least 61 seats, probably 65.

The One and his mid-wife, Pelosi, simply refuse to admit to themselves that ObamaCare destroyed them.

Or perhaps it is the ObamaCare opponents who have not been listening to The One and Pelosi. The two leaders of the Jonestown Kool-Aid brigade have not changed their position since the beginning of the debate: we do not care if ObamaCare hurts us politically, we are going to do it anyway.

Now, the current version is, we will not change ObamaCare, and we don’t care if it hurts us politically.

But upon reflection, what they are really saying is that we do not care if the country is trying to force us to share power — we will never share power. We will use our power to prevent any changes to ObamaCare because we are right and you are wrong.

That is why The One will allow for “tweaks” to ObamaCare and never agree to fundamental changes.

This is why Pelosi is back, to “protect” the things that destroyed them politically.

They are the political suicide twins.

ObamaCare will keep forcing changes to everyone’s health plan, will keep jacking up the cost of health care, and will keep forcing bad ObamaCare headlines into the national consciousness.

To the twins, ObamaCare is the right thing to do.

The twins arrogance of their world view and their refusal to accept basic reality means that the political destruction to them by ObamaCare will continue for the next two years.

Since they will not negotiate, even with a ever changing negative correlation of forces, then they must be defeated, again.

All of their power must be taken away, since they refuse to negotiate.

So, for those who want the health care debate to be over, sorry to be the bearer of bad news — the Obama-Pelosi-we-will-never-surrender-on-ObamaCare view of the world means something very simple: they will continue to refuse common-sense surrender.

If they were smart, they would stop the bleeding, agree to fundamental changes in ObamaCare and move on.

But they can’t, they are delusional and irrational and self-absorbed and even the political destruction of their friends and allies is seen by them as a price they are proud to pay.

They just don’t understand that their intransigence means they will keep paying that price, until they are finally gone.