Massive Dem Losses in the House means the Senate Goes Too

Forgive me for stating the obvious — but given the MSM’s all out push to save the Senate for their pals the Dems — it bears mentioning:

1) if my algorithm which predicts a net loss of 77 Dem House seats is correct, or if Silver’s column in the NYT’s explaining how the Dems could lose 78 House seats is correct, or if Jay Cost’s prediction of the GOP netting 75 House seats is correct, or if the column in the Huffington Post explaining that the Dems will lose 70 seats is correct, or if Gerahty’s prediction of the Dems losing 76 seats is correct — then the Dems will lose the Senate too. It is highly improbable for them to sustain such heavy losses and keep the Senate.

2) One other point in favor of this prediction, historically, when the House has changed control, so has the Senate.

Simply put, it means that two out of the following three Democrats will lose today: Boxer (D-CA), Manchin (WV-D) or Murray (D-WA) — in addition to GOP wins in the following states: Arkansas, Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, Alaska, North Carolina, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

This entire destruction of the Democratic majorities in both the Senate and the House can be attributed to one single fact: The One and the Speaker actively ignored the American public’s wishes, over, and over and over.

They did not care what the public thought, and now the public will return the favor.

The Speaker is without a doubt the worst politician ever — her favorable rating among Independents is a mere 8%. It is quite possible that Osama bin Laden has a higher favorable rating than the Speaker.

The violence the Dems visited on the views and wishes of the American public over the course of the last Congress is now being visited on the Dems.

The Dems enraged the tea partiers, the Republicans, the Independents and about 20 to 30 percent of Democrats. Now the public is expressing that rage in what will likely be the largest loss by any political party in the modern history of the United States.

And oh boy — I can’t wait.