Hilarious: Politico writes ObamaCare "turned out to be radioactive" (like this is news)

Get this, Politico writes that Dem political consultants discovered that the Obama agenda “turned out to be radioactive to a wide swath of the electorate.”

This is news? To who? How biased do you have to be for this to be news?

Perhaps to political consultants who don’t listen to the public.

Or political consultants who listen to the main stream media, who followed The One over the ObamaCare cliff.

The same Politico article reports that in the main, this army of unnamed political consultants believe that the Dems lost the election in the spring — when they passed ObamaCare.

Why were they so arrogant and condescending from August 2009 through till the fall of 2010, when they repeatedly told the public to go pound sand?

Why were they so delusional to believe their own spin, despite what the polls were universally saying?

Why did they listen to the Jonestown Kool-Aid brigade of The One, Axelrod, The Speaker and Senator Reid?

And on Tuesday, it will be:

Bye-bye Pelosi, who will resign after the Dems lose the House.

Bye-bye Reid, who will lose his re-election.

Bye-bye Axelrod, who has announced he is leaving the White House.

The Dems’ collective persistence in telling the voters they are irrelevant on ObamaCare and government spending is being rewarded with vengeance and ridicule by the voters who had been on the receiving end of the same — with the public inflicting what will likely be a 20% (or higher) mortality rate on the 255 Dems now in the U.S. House.

But if the Jonestown Kool-Aid brigade persists in this insane embracing of ObamaCare, their delusional state is far, far more advanced than thought, and the surviving Dems should immediately remove someone so far out of touch with reality — since among Democrats in Congress and the White House, being delusional is contagious.

Well, at least three quarters of the Jonestown Kool-Aid brigade will be off the Federal payrolls soon!