The Jonestown Kool-Aid Brigade Leader to Retire When Dems Lose the House

The Jonestown Kool-Aid brigade, known for forcing their followers to drink cyanide laced Kool-Aid, found new leaders in The One, David Axelrod and Nancy Pelosi.

With all their followers about to be forced into the Dem Death Panels by voters, TIME magazine is now reporting that the delusional Speaker will retire if the Dems lose the House, along with others who force fed their death-by-drinking-the-Kool-Aid into the mouths of their fellow delusional Dems, who lacked the courage to act in their own interest and say NO.

This outcome was determined when The One made his joint session of Congress speech on a bill he admitted was the one in his head, not the one in the House and Senate Committees. The delusional actually believed The One.

The Dems could not help themselves.

And they actively refused to listen to reason — thus confirming their delusional state.