The Secret Money Hypocrisy of E.J. Dionne

E.J. Dionne is the epitome of how far American liberalism has gone off the tracks.

Exhibit A is his holy-water-sprinkled-secular-liberal hypocritical attack on the first Amendment in today’s column in The New Republic.

E.J. Dionne is the worst kind of hypocrite — one who moralizes, preaches and does so in patronizing, holier-than-thou-tones.

He parades his hypocrisy.

E.J. Dionne makes his living, by writing, making speeches and commentating on television.

He literally eats, drinks, drives and lives in the comforts of the first amendment, and has a microphone that he is using to attempt to deny others, his same rights.

Only an hypocrite so blinded by his own version of morality can stand and state that the right must be limited to only his class.

In other words, he has launched a campaign to remove the first amendment rights of those he thinks should not be allowed to speak, by using the same first amendment he lives off of.

E.J. Dionne’s hypocrisy is layered.

There is slight of hand hypocrisy that allows him to attempt to disarm his political opponents, while attempting to appear to the mushy-headed as the role of a referee.

Then there is the covert hypocrisy that drives his writing to act as the political and moral echo of the latest White House talking points or Democratic House leadership press releases — and enrages and gravely injures his opponents by the laws his friends pass. (E.J. then insists those injured cannot speak.)

An examination of both will illuminate the sorry excuse he is using to deny others their first amendment rights. (No doubt E.J. Dionne defends the first amendment to his colleagues in the media, while repeatedly stabs it, explaining that he is justified.)

But first, let’s set the stage. The White House and the hard-left leadership of Pelosi, Waxman, Miller and Reid all are out to destroy, by regulation and taxation, free enterprise. Large corporations in the United States cannot, and will not fight back, except to hire other Democrats to ask the Democrats in power to hurt their business colleagues a little less.

The reason that business does this is because business are not capable of successfully prosecuting a political battle (it’s like asking a car mechanic to remove a gall badder) and further, are simply not trained or psychologically built for a political fight. Business negotiates. It does not fight.

Secondly, Wal Mart or Coca Cola or Pepsi can not act in the interest of their companies and fund campaigns against those who are destroying their ability to operate because the Democrats make up a large base of their customers.

These are the key reasons why corporations are careful to give more to the majority party, who ever is in power, and make use of lobbyists and contributions to influence the course of legislation. It is also the reason that secret donations are essential to allow free speech. Otherwise, business would be intimidated into not speaking.

In fact, business must be pushed absolutely to the brink of destruction before they will act effectively in their own interest, and even then, they do not. For example, the financial reform bill passed by the Democrats cost the credit card industry $40 billion in revenue. The entire industry marched off like little children whose lunch money for the next fifty years was robbed, and did absolutely nothing about it.

Consumers now have higher interest rates and less credit — all because industry refused to do anything except ask, quietly, please, sir, don’t steal all of my lunch money, most is OK, but not all.

The President even bragged about wrestling billions from the industry.

Meanwhile, on E.J. Dionne’s side, unions raise and spend millions and millions on elections — directly intervening, but there is not a whisper of concern from E.J. Dionne about their repeatedly changing the course of elections.

Nor was there word one by E.J. Dionne when the paper he works for, the Washington Post, wrote a news story about the secret donations that the Obama campaign was taking — without a single drop of ink of reporting either the amount or its source.

Let’s now review the level of hypocrisy of E.J. Dionne:

1. He is using the first amendment to attempt to construct a rationale to ban others the same privilege;

2. He is quiet as a church mouse when his colleagues in the White House take secret donations;

3. He is pushing for rules that will sideline free enterprise money in the country because those that have it will not alienate their customers, nor are those that control it able, literally, to fight politically — while allowing unions free use of dues to help E.J. Dionne’s friends; and,

4. He is patronizing, moralizing and sickeningly holier-than-thou in his exhortations of his hypocrisy.

But wait, there is more.

E.J. Dionne actively participated in, condoned and brow-beat the liberal elite into provoking a center-right nation into absolute outrage.

E.J. Dionne alienated the public from their government and representatives by cheering the piling up of more spending than the sum of all other spending of every single President since George Washington.

He pushed and pushed for the ObamaCare take over of the health insurance and health care industry, with new rationing rules and a board to set rationing standards.

Further, he pushed for massive restrictions on energy and new taxes, which would have resulted in hundreds of thousands of job losses and poverty via taxes — a bill known by its name cap and tax.

While enraging the populous, E. J. Dionne is shocked, just shocked that some of those who were on the receiving end of this big government nightmare would have the courage to write a check to fight back and unelect those enraging the population.

E.J. doesn’t think its fair. He thinks it is only fair if the country is enraged by his brand of politics and then is restrained from speaking.

With one hand E.J. throws rocks at an alligator, and then is shocked when it bites him and his rock-throwing friends.

The fact that the Democrats are going to become essentially extinct in large sections of the country — including some that were uniformly blue — is not because of secret money. His entire rationale is wrong.

Secret money is not the reason the Dems are going to be waxed in these elections.

It is because President Obama and Speaker Pelosi crammed policies the public was strongly against down the throats of Americans, and absolutely refused to amend them or listen when the public was loudly yelling stop.

E.J. Dionne is so blinded by ideology and the defeat of his policies at the polls that he is desperate for some other reason for the failure of his ideas — and it is more comfortable for E.J. to be a hypocrite, than acknowledge that his liberal ideology and its relentless pursuit by the President, is the cause of the Dem defeat in detail, which will be visited on them November 2.

E.J. needs to understand, further, that persistence is often met with vengeance.