The One tells the GOP he will Make them "sit in the back seat"

Carol E. Lee of Politico writes about the days gone by of The One’s 50 state campaign, where he went deep into Republican territory.

But not now. No, now The One is in an end-of-campaign attempt to save the deepest, bluest states from a public that is really focused on removing from him, his total control of Congress.

“But Republicans, with help from a bad economy, have pushed Obama back into the arms of his base and pockets of the country where it is most dominant: college campuses in Los Angeles and Seattle, a fundraiser in Palo Alto.

…And given Obama’s goal on the longest barnstorming trip of his presidency — to try to excite the base — his schedule made sense. To protect their incumbent House and Senate candidates, Democrats know they need to generate turnout among the groups where Obama’s appeal is strongest, groups that the president will need to motivate in two years when he’s running for reelection: minorities, younger voters and more educated urban and suburban voters.”

The “his schedule made sense” part of the story is debatable:

“With less than half of the country approving of the job he’s doing as president, Obama spent much of his four-day trip in some of the most liberal enclaves in the country — Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles — far from the more conservative communities where congressional Democrats are on the firing line and where he is not really welcome…”

The fact is that the Dems are in total defensive mode, trying to prevent losses in Washington State and California. This is where The One has deployed.

Losing either or both of the California and Washington state senate races will be like The One going to lobby for the Olympics in Chicago — and then the U.S. losing on the first ballot.

Except The One will not have traveled to a foreign land to ask for votes.

He traveled to his bluest of bases in the country.

No wonder the LA Times wrote about the fearful tone of The One in his recent speeches:

“There was less hope, more fear.

Obama conveyed much the same message Thursday during a rally in Seattle, and the appeal is not expected to vary significantly as he campaigns in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Minneapolis over the next two days.

Obama in Portland suggested that “foreign-controlled corporations” were bankrolling a “misleading, negative” ad campaign that serves Republicans, but offered no evidence.

“We don’t know,” he said.

Whereas his 2008 speech said that Americans needed to “start trusting each other again, start working together again,” he said at the Oregon Convention Center rally this week that even if Republicans cooperate more with the White House, they would be forced to “sit in the back seat.”

The One’s schedule makes sense only if he is facing the complete collapse of his party and if there is a real and present danger that he will lose the Senate seats in California and Washington State — and with those races — control of the U.S. Senate.

Oh, wait, that is exactly what is happening.

And under duress, The One is reaching back to fear, and forecasting that pay-back for the GOP will be that he will make them “sit in the back seat.”

Every statement the President has made about working with the new Congress, so far, has been to essentially let the American public know he is going to give them the middle finger — or his equivalent — and make them “sit in the back seat.”

Patronizing, divisive and arrogant with a truckload of pride — pretty much situation normal for The One, even as his political support and of his party collapse around him — because of him.

But he is not taking responsibility, he is casting blame and predicting punishment for his political opponents.

Instead of hope and change, it is now fear and punishment.