Cohn's Conclusion about Why Pelosi will lose her Job: She did not Pass Enough Liberal Legislation

Jonathan Cohn’s brain really does live in another dimension.

Or at least some place the laws of reality do not apply, I assume happily skipping through the tulips making up the world he lives in.

It is the only possible conclusion to draw from his piece in The New Republic that states the Speaker will lose her job because she did not succeed in passing “more liberal legislation,” into law, like cap and trade.

Despite the ocean of polls showing the lowest approval rating of Congress ever, that she is the most disliked politician in the United States, the historic, never recorded before Gallup +4 generic ballot for the Republicans, and the fact that the majority of Americans want ObamaCare repealed — Jonathan Cohn concludes:

“It’s not Pelosi’s fault Congress didn’t produce more liberal legislation. But she, not Harry Reid or Barack Obama, is the one most likely to lose her job because of that failure.”

Here is a thought, the Dems find themselves on the brink of the largest loss of seats in the history of their party because they listen to Cohn, and others, whose brain is off-world.

It is the one of worst and most shockingly advanced case of self-delusion ever published.