The Real Reason Obama is Shrill about Rove's Secret Money

David Axelrod and President Obama allowed undisclosed (secret) donors to give to their campaign in 2008, documented by the Washington Post, here.

And David Axelrod and President Obama took PhRMA money — more than Rove’s $50 million — to fund their commercials run against Democrats to pass their ObamaCare plan.

So, on principle, it is clear that despite what Axelrod and Obama say, they have no problems taking secret money or special interest money to run ads against Members of Congress.

So why has Axelrod and Obama gone off the deep end (again)?

They need a narrative to explain the coming destruction of the Democratic party — they need an excuse for the loss.

The White House must find something other than bailouts, wasted trillions that has not moved the unemployment numbers and ObamaCare to talk about.

The secret money attack is — in some ways — the political equivalent of President Clinton launching cruise missiles during the Monica crisis.

But this is far more sinister than Clinton’s cruise missile attack because the White House and the President are trying to intimidate American donors and Americans who have organized under the law, not to exercise their rights of free speech.

The WH allies are also threatening to sic the Department of Justice and the IRS on these groups to further chill their speech.

The White House is not only shrill and desperate, they are giving in to their authoritarian temptations to create a Nixonian enemies list, and use the arms of the federal government to stomp on those enemies.

Conversely, Republicans did not call for government investigations and use its allies to call for IRS fishing expeditions and witch hunts when Obama and the Democrats enjoyed a massive money advantage in 2008 — during which time Obama took secret and undisclosed amounts of money.

But the President is so arrogant and so vain in his beliefs, he thinks trampling the first amendment rights of others who do what he does is OK, because he is right and they are wrong.

Obama is trying to change the rules of the game, and use the power of the state and the media to stop those who do what he himself has done.

He and Axelrod are desperate hypocrites who are using the media to try and intimidate donors into not exercising their rights via an industry (the media) that makes its living off of exercising their first amendment rights.

It is troubling that someone with this immature a view of the world has now added to it a bunker mentality — is our President.

If Obama keeps this up, he will be both the Carter and the Nixon of this century.