The Implications of the Gallup Likely Voter Generic Ballot

The most up to date generic ballot average of a number of different polls, as published by RealClearPolitics, shows it at +5.8 for the GOP.

Interestingly, the Gallop likely voter analysis, which they have been perfecting since the 1950s — i.e. more than half a century — shows that the high turn out model puts the GOP generic at +13 and Gallup’s low turnout model puts the GOP generic at +18.

If you look at this graph, from www.fivethirtyeight.com, you will see what these generic numbers mean for the Democrats — first and foremost, they lose the U.S. House.

Secondly, if Gallup’s likely voter analysis is correct, then the Dems will also lose the Senate. There is no possible way for the Dems to keep the Senate at a +13 or +18 generic ballot advantage to the GOP.

I repeat, it’s simply is not possible for the Dems to keep the Senate if Gallup’s, numbers are correct.

And I want everyone to remember, according to the Main Stream Media, fed talking points by their Dem buddies, ObamaCare had nothing to do with the loss. Absolutely nothing.

Yes, they are insane and delusional — the only possible explanation for their coming self-decapitation.

Here are the results from the fivethirtyeight graph, in terms of seats the Dems will lose in the U.S. House:

GOP at +5.7 = Dems lose about 53 seats.

GOP at +13 = Dems lose about 80 seats.

GOP at +18 = Dems lose about 100 seats.

The One will have wrought destruction upon his friends and allies, after bringing the same to the country.