The Public’s view of the Ruling Class and their Media Slaves

Here is a thought: perhaps the ruling class and their running dog microphones and television broadcasts — otherwise known as the mainstream media — have had their way for so long to determine what is fact or not, what is reasonable or not, and their collective effort to attack and discredit any who are not from their mindset — has finally back-fired.

To be attacked by the MSM now means you win primaries and become a national celeb and vote mover, a la Sarah Palin and the tea-partiers who won victories this primary season.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I am saying that the public is so fed up with the establishment writ-large that the public’s basic conclusion is that if the establishment hates a candidate or public figure, and attacks them or is unfair to them — the public is for that person.

It’s the short-hand version of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

It is these public figures and candidates — who are attacked by the MSM and their allies — who have suffered for their beliefs and can stand up to the spend and spend and spend and then tax and spend some more folks who inhabit the beltway — the public has concluded.

Being attacked, and not folding like a house of cards, means these people can actually say NO and mean it, and not be corrupted into Yes later and then tell the voting public that their Yes is really brave and courageous.

Call it the house-of-cards test.

The establishment senses this — and it is driving them to distraction.

In short, the public is about to cut up the Federal government’s credit cards, and those enjoying the spending end are afraid of those who have been doing the paying end.

This is big fun for those doing the paying — either in taxes or an economy that is in recession.