Classic Cohn: The Public is Confused and its the Elite’s Fault

More arrogance from The New Republic:

“And I certainly intend no disrespect. Those of us who follow politics closely have the time, and information, to figure out what’s really going on in Washington. The majority of Americans are preoccupied holding onto their jobs, paying their bills, and taking care of their families.

Confusion isn’t necessarily a failure on their [American public’s] part. In many if not most cases, the failure is ours.”

This would be moderately true, interesting or insightful, if it was not so self-serving and patronizing.

If the above from Cohn were true, then when the American public clearly, repeatedly and forcefully demanded that ObamaCare die, Cohn and his cadre would have agreed with the will of the public.

Instead, Cohn and the New Republic cried — ignore the rabble, full ObamaCare!

Now, Cohn ignores poll after poll after poll and points to a single column that concludes the public is confused, and proclaims it to be the truth.

And with this truth, that the public is confused, it’s the elites fault — for not explaining things clearly.

Can this really be serious commentary?

Or, is it the elite just patronizing themselves — and trying to make themselves feel better as the voters and America reject their view of the world?

The Cohn’s think so highly of themselves and their view of their role in the world, that they take on the great “white man’s burden” of explaining the truth — their pro-ObamaCare truth and its ilk — to the public.

How about this: they are so biased and blinded and arrogant they can’t process the fact that the public has and will some more in the mid-terms, given their version of the truth the middle finger.