Pew/National Journal Poll: Just 38% of Americans Support ObamaCare

From Politico:

“The six-month-old law is one of the key planks in the wave of anti-government, anti-spending sentiment that threatens Democratic lawmakers this fall. Just 38 percent of Americans supported the overhaul in a Pew Research Center/National Journal Congressional Connection poll released earlier this week.”

So, instead of listening to the American people and changing their approach, policies or recognizing the political failure of ObamaCare, the White House and the radical ObamaCare backers are — what else — doubling down.

The willful ignoring of the will of the people is fueling the radical defeat looming for the Dems.

Look for more of The One’s arrogance and radical behavior in the weeks ahead.

This is a big screw-you to the American public.

And don’t think for one second they don’t understand that.

The arrogance of the left is so ingrained, they believe that they just need to explain the bill, and all will be well.

Here is what one of the young-and-stupid ObamaCare cannon fodder told Politico: “it really is important to make sure people know about these changes.”

Such wisdom, such insight, such arrogance, conceit and pride.

In other words, the public is slow and don’t get it. Our job — of the enlightened — is to help the public.

The enlightened know what the public think — but to the enlightened, the public are wrong.

No — (obviously) it is The One and his arrogance of all those around him that they do not understand, and the more they push, the worse it will get.

The White House is just reminding the public of the fight that cost The One and the Dems their approval rating.

How, oh how, can they be so ignorant? How is it they have such a tin ear?

But the Dems have been lining up for the ObamaCare Jonestown Kool-Aid all year — hey, why stop now?

Here is the key reason: the ObamaCare Kool-Aid is killing the Dems. Most people either stop doing what is killing them politically or they kill themselves. Those that stop, if they stop soon enough, may survive. Those who keep doing it (see Obama doubling down to defend ObamaCare) don’t survive.

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