Teaching the Public they do not Matter Carries a High Price

William Galston writing in The New Republic, is quite clear in his lucid conclusions drawn from recent polling about how the public views of Congress:

“they also believe by a 2 to 1 margin that if they leave Congress in Democrats’ hands, Obama’s program is what they’ll get.”

ObamaCare burned it into the public’s soul that the White House does not care what the public thinks, nor does Congress.

This is the main lesson learned by voters about this Congress.

When you the voter thinks that Congress is doing the wrong thing — a la ObamaCare or the economy — and a majority of voters believes that Congress is doing the wrong thing on health care and the economy– there is nothing you can do.

The Dems won’t listen, they will do what The One wants.

If you think the public does not know The One is not listening and the Congress is a rubber stamp, see the recent polls.

Here is another example, the U.S. debt levels. We have known for some time that ObamaDebt exceeds all the combined total of all the debt piled up by every other President in the history of the Union.

And any first grader could tell you that debt is one of the top concerns of the American public.

The actions of the One and Congress are directly opposed to what the majority of voters wants.

So, The One naturally goes on television and does it again.

He announces a new $50 billion road and rail program, claiming it will not add to the debt because he will raise taxes.

The public gets it. He doesn’t.

He is not listening (because he is arrogant) and the Dems who were cowardly lemmings on ObamaCare will follow him off the cliff. This is what the public were taught over and over, for the first 18 months of the Obama administration. (See Galston, above.)

Therefore, the public understands that since The One cannot be sent packing from the White House, the Dems in Congress must go.

ObamaCare was the object lesson for the voters. Their take-away is clear.

Too bad, even now, the Dems and their running dog cheerleaders like Paul Krugman, Jonathan Chait, E.J. Dionne and the other Jonathan at the New Republic cannot admit that they all were so wrong.

They will not pay the price for being wrong.

Their pals in Congress will.

Oh, and by the way, it is now clear that among the Dems still standing after the mid-term elections, there are some who have taken a blood oath to vote against Speaker Pelosi for any leadership position. To say they hate her is an understatement.

The Dems are paying the price for not listening to the public and for instructing the public that their views on ObamaCare and the debt simply do not matter.

The Dems repeatedly dissed the voting public, and they are about to return the favor.

This is why Dems who run from Obama will not survive. The public believes its a script, a fake.

If the Dems wanted to show their independence from Obama, they should have stopped the things the public was against, but they didn’t.