The Only Thing The One can do Ever — is spend: his “new” $50 Billion Road and Rail Plan Just Announced

Here is something new, The One has decided to spend more money on roads and rail — a “new” $50 billion plan.

Money we don’t have.

Money he will print or borrow.

But The One knows how to do only one thing, create more debt, and impose more taxes with his reckless, non-stop, unrelenting spending.

He has his play book.

And he is arrogant and prideful enough to keep playing it even though all around him, his political strength and that of his party and his friends, is collapsing.

Didn’t you know, new spending is just what the new, we-are-all-tea-partiers-now political world wants.

The One is oblivious and really, not that bright.

He cannot think of anything else to do.

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