Americans Don’t Believe You, Mr. President

While the White House and the President are beating their chest about the polls showing that either a quarter or 20% of Americans believe The One is Muslim — equally illuminating is the poll that only 33% of Americans say Obama is a Christian.

While the MSM tries to repeatedly explain the President is a Christian — two thirds of Americans will not say he is a Christian.


Simple, Americans do not believe Obama when he says he is a Christian.

The mainstream media acts like if they just repeat it over and over some Americans will hear for the first time Obama says he is a Christian. Americans have heard The One. They just do not believe him.

This is as clear as it gets that The One has lost credibility with Americans.

While the White House, the media and Obama blame opponents, the simple fact is that two-thirds of Americans will not take Obama’s word for it when he says he is a Christian.

And if America does not believe Obama on his faith — what do they believe him on?

This is the direct result of the President repeatedly lying to the American public:

1. If you like your health plan, you can keep it.
2. ObamaCare will lower the deficit.
3. ObamaCare will lower health costs.
4. I am really, really trying to reduce the deficit.

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