Even Bafumi in the Huffington Post Agrees, 80% chance the Dems Lose 50+ U.S. House Seats

Charlie Cook, Frank Luntz, www.fivethirtyeight.com, Joseph Bafumi (writing in the Huffington Post) all predict the Dems will lose the U.S. House.

My own algorithm (unpublished) also predicts a loss of the House for the Dems, and has for months.

But the main-stream media and the Dems refuse to acknowledge the role that their Jonestown Kool-Aid Brigade played as they all drank deeply and for 16 months, from the deadly and toxic ObamaCare.

If your wondering about the Senate, Sean Trende makes a scientific and persuasive case that the Dems could very well lose the U.S. Senate.

Given the free-fall that the health care debate caused both the approval rating of Obama and Congress, I feel nothing but contempt in my head and heart for these Dems who stood and yelled in all irrationality that the night is day.

These are the same who cannot and will never understand their own failed political policies are to blame.

Truly, beating an irrational group of people like the Dems (and their allies who urged them successfully to jump off a cliff) in the mid-term elections is an unfair fight.

The Dems, and their pro-ObamaCare pals are so blinded by their irrationality, trying to stop them from self-destructing — essentially they became political suicide bombers — is like trying to get an irrational mental patient to preform higher level calculus.

Even when their friends like Charlie Cook tried to teach them, and tell them not to commit political suicide, their irrationality became full-throated, they ran off the edge of the cliff, I imagine, screaming insanely.

Their boot-licking mainstream media servants did them no favors by not reporting the King had no clothes. But the MSM was infected with the same irrationality.

This is political Darwinism at work.

It’s not pretty, but it is necessary.

And, I can’t wait.

What is going to be even better is when the Supreme Court steps in, and speaks with the same voice as the nation on The One’s ObamaCare.

It’s the Dems fault. They did not listen, and they willfully refused to act rationally. They also willfully ignored the will of the American people because in their arrogance, they thought they knew better.

But, how exactly can you get an irrational group to act rationally? Turns out, you cannot.

So all you can do is watch as they pathetically act in self-destructive irrational ways that end badly.

Oh what fools these Dems are.

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