SHOCK: The Second Time the White House has told the Truth

While I was fishing, the White House decided on a new strategy. Admit the truth.

This is a reflection of the fact that Obama, the President, has lied so much and so often, that only the truth has a real shot of being given any attention.

Recent lies include all of the aforementioned health care whoopers (you can keep your plan and the ObamaCare entitlement will save money.)

All while the serial liar in chief insists to the world at summits and to the media and to the country that he really, honestly and earnestly wants to lower the debt and deficit and — oh, please U.S. Senate pass a $26 billion bailout for states that can not balance their budget. Liar.

Ah, well, the truth, from the White House, it is an extraordinary event that bears real attention and study. It is like a comet.

So, here is the second recent great dose of truth from the White House.

(The first was that the Democrats could lose control of the U.S. House. Yep, the White House actually admitted it. Washington Dems, especially the ones who thought taking politically suicidal votes are a tough and smart thing, freaked out upon hearing the White House tell the truth.)

Now that the shock of the White House telling the truth has worn off, they decided to give is a shot, again:

Don’t talk about health care back home. It doesn’t help.

And if you put the two recent moments of truth together you get: the Dems could lose control of the House, and don’t talk about health care.

Which brings us back to the a reoccurring theme: suicide is never “tough,” like the Dems try to spin their stupid and self-destructive ObamaCare vote.

And they were too arrogant to listen to their constituents and voters — or anyone who told them ObamaCare was a political loser that will cause them to lose the U.S. House.

I should go fishing more often.

Really, there is more. The other great moment of truth that happened while fishing is that Howard Dean admitted that the ObamaCare mandate may be ruled unconstitutional.

Dean also explained how health care reform could be done without a mandate, further confusing his liberal hosts at MSNBC, since Dean seemed to be assuming ObamaCare would be declared unconstitutional.

This has caused the Dems to be in shock (again).

But there are Dems who are really saying and thinking: how-could-this-happen-? Health-care-is-such-a-great-issue-for-us.

Maybe. But not when you put Obama-Pelosi-Waxman-Reid and Axelrod in charge and you stiff-arm the voters and the GOP. What you get then, is Jonestown Kool-Aid.

You have to be very slow and very politically dull to be shocked by the destroyer-like effect ObamaCare has had on the approval rating and the polling of The One, the House Dems, and the Senate Dems.

These are the same Dems who reject that HillaryCare caused them to lose the House, last time. Yes, these are the Dems the ones the White House, er, the Ministry of Truth loves. They are the ones who convincingly will shout 2 + 2 = 5. David Axelrod, being the chief proponent of 2 + 2 = 5.

Now, like when the White House said, “don’t talk about health care,” one of the Dems own health care experts is warning the whole ObamaCare experience, the political slide, the suicidal behavior could be for naught — and the whole law could be determined null and void, there is still more shock.

(Apparently, since their was no House-Senate conference, due to the Senator DeMint via Senator McConnell objection to the meeting of the conferees, the bill could not be fixed to protect it from this challenge.)

The shock and awe that the Dems have inflicted on themselves is surprising to them and their allies because their assumptions have been so wrong.

What Howard Dean said, as one of my mentors would say, is “adult information.”

In Washington, D.C., inside-the-beltway, adult information is scarce.