ObamaCare is Toxic to the Dems, and could be all for nothing

For the GOP, ObamaCare is the toxic waste dump that has the curious characteristic of only adversely impacting the political health of Democrats. Many Dems, in fact, have had their political life ended by ObamaCare, and the mortality figures are only expected to get worse.

The key part of ObamaCare, the federal mandate that all Americans must buy health insurance, is under attack at the polls and in the Courts.

And now Missouri just tossed the proverbial grenade into the ObamaCare pond.

The dead fish floating to the surface are Dem dreams of health care being a great political issue. Also floating around dead is their irrational and self-destructive notion that they can ignore the public’s wishes on ObamaCare, without cost.

Oh, and let’s not forget that tried-but-untrue notion that voting for ObamaCare “is worth it.”

Meanwhile, in the Show Me State, 71% of voters told the Dems to take their mandate and go pound sand.

ObamaCare will continue to be a festering wound that will not heal because the Dems crammed ObamaCare down the public’s throats. And the public is still angry about it.

The public collectively remembers that Senators and Members of Congress were bought off by the White House with hundreds of millions of dollars in we-will-tax-you-and-go-into-debt to give unprincipled and weak Senators and House members special provisions and favors, to vote for a bill you hate. (After all, anyone who opposed ObamaCare is immoral, and we are moral, so we can do what we want — do you understand that? We are the moral ones, you are not.)

Once the provisions that force ObamaCare’s you-like-your-health-plan-so-you-can’t-keep-it on the public, the Dem political pain will get worse.

So the widely disseminated and widely known warnings to the Dems that they were being led by the Jonestown Kool-Aid brigade of Obama-Pelosi-Axelrod, went unheeded. The Dems refused to listen or act, and willfully ignored the public’s concerns and clear and loud opposition.

And sweet justice is on its way.

If, as I believe will happen, the Supremes declare the federal ObamaCare mandate to be unconstitutional, the entire law will fall. It will fall because there is no severability clause in the bill. (There is no severability clause because the Dems were not allowed to have a House-Senate conference on ObamaCare where a severability clause could have been inserted. The House-Senate conference was blocked because Senator DeMint got Senator McConnell to object to the appointment of the conferees.)

So, just to review: ObamaCare is crammed down the American people’s throat. The Dems take a beating politically, especially Obama whose approval rating is down 25 points to 41%. The Dems will have heavy losses in the House and the Senate, and ObamaCare will likely cost Speaker Pelosi her job, and the Dems control of the U.S. House. In the Senate, Obama faces GOP gains that will allow the Republicans to filibuster everything he tries — ever.

And in return, the Dem got ObamaCare, a law that could be declared unconstitutional, leaving it null and void and as if it never passed. All because the Dems would not listen to the public or anyone about stepping back from the brink.

Oh, what fools these Democrats are — really.