Is it Beginning to Dawn on the MSM that ObamaCare is Permanently Toxic to the Dems?

Among the mainstream media, there have been sporadic, hiccup like moments when the Ministry of Propaganda lets something slip about the real truth about ObamaCare.

You know the feeling, you think — “they” allowed that to be published?

I do not have a list of places this has happened, it is merely my sense that it seems to be happening more.

The real question is why? Is it because the grand, the arrogant and the we-know-what’s-best-for-you-crowd is having doubts?

Or is it because the MSM is really, only now, realizing the toxic nature of ObamaCare?

Does the MSM see the divisions ObamaCare creates, how it empowers its opponents with its spending, its taxes, its rules and its interference in the lives of most Americans — so that ObamaCare will never stop grinding down the Democrats politically?

Does the MSM finally understand this is like the Cold War, except the politics of the war are not, and will not be with the ObamaCare proponents. (See last 16 months of The One’s polls, and those of Congress and the Dems generally.)

Have or are the MSM finally realizing that the political enemy of my friends is my enemy?

I will explain: Since ObamaCare is so toxic to the Dems, are the MSM realizing that ObamaCare is the real enemy to their pals the Dems?

Is ObamaCare maintaining its political levels of toxicity for longer than the MSM can stand to watch it destroy it’s pals?

In their arrogance and self-righteousness, the MSM cannot and could not believe that the opposition to ObamaCare was real, true, deep and relentless.

We opponents know it is, and we know it will not stop, until ObamaCare is repealed or is starved for funds. (The ObamaCare death panel has decided to cut off its food and water — i.e., cash.)

My only hope is that the the mainstream media keeps a lid on all their ObamaCare dissent, because they are only continuing to mask the pressure-cooker-like-explosion that will happen in the mid-terms.

With a filibuster proof Senate — you know, Senators Snowe and Collins and Brown and Corker and Grassley can all vote with the Dems — and it won’t matter one bit.

With even these GOP Senators helping the Dems, there will still be a filibuster of whatever it is the President wants.

The MSM can also thank ObamaCare for the beating the Speaker of the House and the Dems will take. It is likely, almost certain with the current generic ballot numbers, that the GOP will be in charge of the House.

Will the MSM may finally conclude, much too late, that ObamaCare is so toxic to their friends, they need to start to participate in its dismantling?

Let us hope the MSM does not conclude this until after the elections.

The MSM has sewn their lips to ObamaCare, and it seems to be helping us greatly, politically. Let’s hope the MSM keep their lips right where they are, attached to ObamaCare — you know where.

I now want the young, leftist and idealist journalists like Ezra Klein, who have made common cause with the White House and the Speaker on ObamaCare and an alliance with the old, hard, leftists like E.J. Dionne, to continue to be as politically tone deaf and stubborn as they were when the bill was being considered.

It’s like they are declaring everyone should eat cake, while Americans see only rules, taxes and interference in our lives by the political class who insists we pay for things we hate, because the shrills for ObamaCare and their political-class-masters know better.

It actually gets even more maddening for the opponents of ObamaCare, the political class, enabled by the MSM, CBO and the White House and the Speaker insist ObamaCare will be paid for, but it will really just cause massive new debt. The political class, MSM and CBO all lied and continue to lie about the economics of ObamaCare. Americans understand the half a trillion in Medicare cuts have not and will not happen and that the budget “neutral” assertion is just a lie to allow ObamaCare to be passed. CBO did not enforce the budget rules, they lied about the effect of the law, so that they could hide behind the rules.

This, as you can imagine, does not go over well.

Further, when the MSM gives ObamaCare their daily doorknob shine, well, America understands that for what it is, a political shine job.

The MSM should stay on-its-knees-praying-at-the-church-of-ObamaCare.

After all, it’s worked so far.