David Brooks tries to Console Himself with doing “good”

Liberals and their enablers who are feeling the political pain of passing laws like ObamaCare that the public opposes, console themselves with platitudes about the morality of their cause and the laws they passed:

“I feel satisfied because the Democrats have overseen a bunch of programs that, while unappreciated now, are probably going to do a lot of good in the long run.”

Once the debt levels ratchet up because the fake and false half a trillion in Medicare cuts that formed the basis of the lies to fund ObamaCare never materialize, and Americans find that “if they like their health plan” they cannot keep it, and Dr. Rationing-r-us is installed at Health and Human Services (HHS) — the opposition to ObamaCare will really begin.

(Already, HHS is already rationing — not pay for — some effective cancer drugs.)

Memo to Brooks: the ObamaCare millstone is going to grow in size, not shrink.

The basic problem with ObamaCare is that the implementation will, on a regular basis, bring its massive political problems to the public regularly (as regularly as you or your loved ones interact with the health care system or understand the current fiscal status of the U.S.).

So all David Brooks can do is console himself with the morality and “doing good” of a law which has destroyed Obama’s approval ratings, his standing in other polls and will be the root cause of the Dems losing control of the U.S. House, and a GOP filibuster-proof majority being elected in the U.S. Senate.

Lame duck status does not even begin to describe the damage Obama has inflicted on his friends and allies by his Captain Ahab routine with great White Whale known widely as ObamaCare.

As the magnitude of the political destruction the Dems have visited upon themselves begins to dawn on them, the Dems can try to console themselves with the “good” of policies that will bankrupt and fiscally destroy the nation.

Good luck with that. David Brooks knows the Dems political future is not bright. He just can’t get past the problem that he and his clan, with their obsession with ObamaCare, are the cause of their own problems.

It’s ObamaCare, stupid.