ObamaCare, Debt and Firemen who Set Fires, then Warn about the Dangers of Burning Buildings

The Congressional Budget Office, in the form of the Director’s blog, gives the U.S. a warning about its debt, which in my book, is the single most hypocritical statement since Obama claimed ObamaCare will save money.

CBO blessed and legitimized fake Medicare cuts, which were used to fund the ObamaCare entitlement with fake “savings,” allowing Obama and CBO to say ObamaCare will save money. Yes, CBO are the same folks who counted non-existent “cuts” to Medicare, ones that in the history of Medicare, have never, ever materialized. And they never will materialize.

Where is the accountability for those who encourage and facilitate a $2.5 trillion entitlement spending program for months and months by handing over false, fake and never-gonna-happen “savings” to the White House — and now have the shamelessness to warn us about the U.S. debt levels?

Here is what the newly-concerned-about-debt CBO director said today:

“In fiscal crises in a number of countries around the world, investors have lost confidence in governments’ abilities to manage their budgets, and those governments have lost their ability to borrow at affordable rates. With U.S. government debt already at a level that is high by historical standards, and the prospect that, under current policies, federal debt would continue to grow, it is possible that interest rates might rise gradually as investors’ confidence in the U.S. government’s finances declined, giving legislators sufficient time to make policy choices that could avert a crisis.”

The director then goes on to say that the timing of such a crisis is impossible to predict.

This is like a fireman leaving a burning building — after setting the fire — and holding a press conference to warn about the dangers of burning buildings.

Can you believe that the people cooking the books so the Dems can spend, spend, spend are now warning that “investors have lost confidence?”

Really, this is surprising? Who is surprised? CBO? There are consequences to lying about half a trillion dollars in “savings.” (Hint: people stop believing you and you lose credibility.)

CBO ought to man-up. But they won’t. They have slavishly cooked the books and faked savings for The One, now they are warning us about debt. Uh, huh.

This is exactly the type of reason the U.S. is becoming a fiscal joke to the rest of the world.