Of Tea Partiers, Racism, the MSM and the Next Bridge to Nowhere

The MSM’s recent attempts to bloody the tea partiers nose over the issue of race is predictable enough.

It began the MSM reporting non-existent threats against Democrats in Congress and non-existent insults during an ObamaCare rally. Review of the video tape revealed no such insults, and the whole incident, reported as fact by the MSM, has devolved into he said, she said type accusations.

But by this time, the media had primed its own pump for a tea party spat with the NAACP, and a satirical letter cost the tea party one of its own.

But now the NAACP is under attack for one of its speakers for, well, being racist. The woman making the comments, a federal government employee, has been fired.

The MSM is likely now figuring out that their provocation against the tea-partiers has created blow-back and undermined the MSM’s effort to alienate the public from the tea-partiers by linking the NAACP to a woman who was fired by the Department of Agriculture.

So, can we just get over this already?

How about going back to tea party basics, like pointing out wasteful spending?

In that regard, here is a clear case of earmark abuse and wasteful spending that will appeal to independent voters: the $3 billion extra engine for the Joint Strike Fighter, which has been accurately been described as a make-work-project for the Brits.

Just how big an earmark is the extra engine, compared to the Bridge to Nowhere?

Look at this pie chart.

It’s all about the wasteful spending — that is what is enraging the average likely voter. Really.

This is the perfect back-to-basics-pivot for the tea partiers: end an earmark that’s about ten times larger than the bridge to nowhere.