Fineman: Dems to Use Vote Suppression Tactics Against White Males

Well, well, well — how the tables have turned.

After spending a whole article apologizing for the Obama polls, Fineman goes on to explain in detail the tactics the Dems are going to use against white male voters — attack the GOP.

But then, at the end of the article, Fineman lets slip the real tactic:

The goal, if not to win over these guys, is to keep them away from the polls. It is not a strategy for which Obama is temperamentally suited, but at this point it may be his only hope.”

Just for the record, the liberal Howard Fineman is admitting that the only hope this black President has of staying in power is to execute a strategy of keeping white male voters away from the polls.

In the words of SpoongBob SquarePants, “well, good luck with that.”