I'm Calling The One's Cut-Spending Bluff

The video of The One at the G-20 summit talking about “tough choices” and how he has already taken steps to cut the deficit was too much to bear without pointing out the obvious — the current President of the United States is a serial liar. (H/T Drudge Report.)

He says he has already taken steps to reduce the budget.

What planet is he living on?

Planet Liar, you know, where you think that your words make things so, even when they are not.

He shredded the budget with ObamaCare — a $2.5 trillion entitlement he insists will save money. (He really has lost all sense of shame — pride and arrogance pushed it out of The One.)

Speaking of lying and ObamaCare, The One lied repeatedly during his address to the Joint Session of Congress about his health plan, and when called on it, he later conceded privately to Members of Congress that in his speech to Congress he was not talking about the plan before Congress, but his own plan, which he never released.

You know, the health reform plan in his mind. Maybe it existed, maybe not. You can take his word for it.

Just like he said health care costs will go down and you can keep your plan if you like it.

He spent a trillion on a stimulus for the government, and for government workers.

The government has taken over huge parts of the health care, auto industry, student loan industry and now is poised to have the financial industry on a government leash.

This will never, ever, not ever cut government spending. He has committed more than $100 billion to the International Monetary Fund, most of which was used to bail out Greece.

He has already spent much more than a hundred billion to bailout Fannie and Freddie Mac, and now, estimates are another $150 billion are going to be needed to keep Fannie and Freddie fat and happy with money we are borrowing or printing.

So, why is it not reasonable to conclude, Mr.-I’ve-taken-steps-to-reduce-the-budget, is really tripping on LSD?

Oh, now that the global laughing stock of employment via census worker is coming off the official national employment count, just wait until the public figures out that The One has been giving away money for temporary government jobs.

Instead of building a real economy based on creating wealth, The One takes wealth and gives it to his voters.

The One believes that by growing the parasite of government that sucks the life blood out of wealth creators, well, the parasite can keep sucking blood and treasure forever — and in larger, and larger amounts. (Perhaps The One is really the Parasite-in-Chief.) Or, The One is really the killer of the global golden goose, otherwise known as the American economy.

The One, just weeks ago, was pounding the table for a new spending plan. He wanted billions for a new bailout for states.

This is budget cutting liar-style.

But even the Democrats in Congress could not say yes to his print-more-money-so-I-can-give-it-to-my-government-pals-in-the-states plan.

During the constantly-lying-period otherwise known as his campaign, he said he would go line by line and eliminate wasteful programs. He did not.

I know, shocking.

Now, he stands before the world and lies some more — hey, why stop?

If you haven’t noticed, all The One can do is spend money we have to borrow or to raise taxes to just pay for some of the spending.

Liars can convince themselves of anything. Most people believe that to cut the deficit you have to cut spending. Not The One. He believes that he can spend more and the deficit will go down — see ObamaCare above.

And the one place that he says he cut the budget, you guessed it, is defense. He is so very proud of that (so are the Iranians.)

The One then lectures the world on how no country can have an unfair advantage. But he keeps giving the U.S. an unfair disadvantage. His spending. And his borrowing and money-printing — he does it electronically, it is easier that way. For now, it keeps our interest rates low, but it is debasing our currency. And it will get worse.

Now for the real Whopper: The One says he is going to call the bluff of all those talking about cutting spending. Really? He says it so, oh, seriously and gravely.

I’m calling his bluff — since Senator Byrd may not make the vote to pass the destroy-the-financial-world-with-regulation-bill — here is an idea about what to do next: cut spending. (You are the one beating your chest about calling-the-bluff. Go on, then.)

The agenda is open Liar-in-chief, so cut spending already.

What else are you going to do? Immigration?

But you won’t take the Mother’s Milk from your government worker voters and your government program pals.

So, your go-to-move is to lie, repeatedly. Since you can’t cut spending you just lie and pretend you did it, instead

You are an embarrassment, and a liar.

What is really scary is that you may believe what you are saying — reality notwithstanding.