Defending ObamaCare is Unsustainable

It is unprecedented for the majority party to announce, through its hand-maidens and cut-outs, that it will mount a $125 million defense of the President’s signature domestic policy law, unless that law is so unpopular that it is causing the majority party to have to do something — anything to sweep back the ocean of discontent.

The strategic political position the Dems have put themselves in by ignoring the will of their voters — specifically the independents, and moderate Republicans and Democrats — is unsustainable.

It is unsustainable over time for a number of reasons, starting with the first and foremost reason, the American public hates ObamaCare.

As the government forces changes to American’s health plans, and forces individuals and families out of employer provided health care, the steely determination to inflict political hurt on those responsible will ramp up. And there are armies of like-minded ObamaCare haters to marshal, organize and deploy that dissent in battle-winning ways.

Not surprisingly, the Dems are lying to themselves — still — about the politics of ObamaCare.

ObamaCare caused health insurance premiums to spike. The President calls in insurers to tell them his law had nothing to do with it. Exhibit A, the Dems are lying to themselves, mainly, so they can then lie to the American public.

ObamaCare will be a constant source of persistent and personal dissatisfaction to registered voters. Price will go up. Premiums will go up. The doctor supply will go down. Demand for services will go up. The dissent will continue. It will grow.

No amount of speeches by The One will change the reality on the ground: health care will be more bureaucratic, more expensive, less available and treatments that work, but are expensive, will be rationed by the government.

Choices will be made for Americans, and Americans hate choice being made for them, whether by corporations like old-style HMOs or by the federal government. Giving the Department of Health and Human Services God-like power over the entire health care economy is a prescription for Soviet-style, bureaucrat-chest-beaters to exercise that power in mind-numbingly stupid ways. It is unstoppable. (Give a drunk a bottle, the drunk will drink it.)

ObamaCare is and will be a millstone around the Dems neck, placed their by their own blindness in being lead to act against their own political interests by their delusional leaders in the Speaker’s Office and the White House.

It is a strategic position that the Dems will not be able to extricate themselves from for the next two decades — unless and until ObamaCare is repealed and health care reform is conducted in a bi-partisan fashion.

Cancer or a sucking chest wound do not convey the self-inflicted damage the Dems have done to themselves and the strategic political disadvantage they have put themselves in.

If it were not for the unbelievable damage ObamaCare is doing to our country’s fiscal future and our health care industry, the Dems stupidity and arrogance would be tragic, but funny. Instead, it is merely tragic for them and for the country.