E.J. Dionne and the NPR Poll

E.J. Dionne, one of the single most annoying liberals on the planet, simply dismisses the NPR poll out of hand (it shows 49% re-electing their GOP Member of Congress, but only 34% re-electing the Dem) by calling it “preposterous:”

“But the numbers in the NPR survey are so bad that Democrats might pause before becoming lemmings. There is something preposterous about how the administration and congressional Democrats have lost every major public argument that they should be winning.”

The most preposterous thing about E.J Dionne is that he is dismissing the NPR poll as preposterous. (Everyone knows the NPR is a nest of tea-party conservatives.)

After all, if he did not call it preposterous, he would have to confront the following reality: the same people he has been encouraging and reassuring on ObamaCare, who listened to him, will have committed political suicide.

Therefore, E.J. Dionne (who has been wrong for two years about ObamaCare) must share the blame for the dire, Speaker-ending, Dem House Majority ending political consequences of the Dems voting against the wishes of the American public, or, E.J. Dionne can simply dig a hole in the ground, stick his head in it and declare that NPR’s poll is preposterous.

Guess which option E.J. Dionne picked?

He picked the head in the sand option while he continued to encourage Dems to embrace and defend ObamaCare.

Perfect. Go ahead. Make the voter’s day.