Eating Asbestos ObamaCare

Every media organization will report the NPR poll showing the Dems getting their throats cut in the November election, and Nancy Pelosi losing her job as Speaker, by studiously avoiding the one thing that everyone understands caused the Dems to lose so much public support, so quickly: ObamaCare.

The Dems pride and arrogance is fed by a boot-licking media, who think it is news when one of their fellow tribe members, an Obama fan-waver, are actually are critical of him. See, for example, the big news that MSNBC trashed Obama’s the-oil-leak-is-kicking-my-butt-speech (from the Oval Office) as Carter-like.

But the Dem arrogance prevents them from understanding in detail just how angry the public is.

And the Dems boot-licking media pals lock down public pressure by not airing it, so now, when it blows, it takes out huge swaths of Dems.

But the Dems had a chance to mitigate some of the political damage by voting to end the ObamaCare mandates.

But they would not heed Charlie Cook’s warnings about health care reform before it passed, so why should the politically suicidal Dems do anything different now?

Is their a cure for their consistent and unrelenting political insanity? Have they learned their lesson?

No, as it turns out.

The House Dems voted to up hold the mandate to purchase health insurance forced on every American by the ObamaCare bill by defeating Dave Camp’s (R-MI) attempt to strip the mandate from ObamaCare.

The Dems know the ObamaCare mandate is hugely unpopular.

But still, they will not listen to the American public.

So, according to National Public Radio’s poll, Americans are returning the favor of the Dems giving the public the middle finger: only 34% of Americans say they will re-elect their Dem Congressman. Forty-nine percent would re-elect the Republican.

That is a full-blown middle finger from the public, for the Dems.

What a shock. Wow. Never saw that coming. Man, that is a surprise. Oh! My! Really?

After what happened when they tried HillaryCare — who could have predicted this outcome?

The President and the Speaker, having made their fellow Dems to eat and breathe asbestos ObamaCare, and still insist that the terminal political cancer does not exist; and has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with ObamaCare.

Meanwhile, the media just can’t believe that their biased moral judgments could be so wrong politically, so they are in denial, but are also incapable of understanding these points. They are simply too liberal.

The contest between the media and the Dems about who can most steadfastly deny reality appears to have been won by the Dems, who, in the face of the warnings from the entire American public and the few courageous members of their own Dem elite who tried in vain to warn them: don’t eat the asbestos ObamaCare — ate anyway.

But not only did the Dems eat the asbestos ObamaCare — they feasted on it for months and months.

The One traveled the country to tell everyone how great asbestos ObamaCare tastes, and raised hundreds of millions of dollars to buy ads to tell the public how great asbestos ObamaCare is for the body.

The Dems had press conferences of their feast, and they convinced their media pals to feast as well, and then the media dutifully told the world how great this is for everybody.

It’s so great, they said, that everyone, by law, eat must asbestos ObamaCare.

Well, the public has not taken a single bite, but is already sick to death of the Dems.

Thirty-four percent would vote to re-elect a Dem. Which means this election will be the death of the Dems. See the symmetry? The justice?

The Dems were told that eating the asbestos ObamaCare was suicide, but they chose instead to listen not to their voters, but to their Jonestown Kool-Aid drinking Dear Leader.

Perhaps they will cry that NPR is just a Republican or conservative front, or the poll is — claims which would be more credible than the Dem claim that eating the asbestos ObamaCare is good for them.

Meanwhile, they have their own hands to their own throats, and are choking in the street.

Of course, they think no one will notice — after all, the media hasn’t and their leadership is busily telling everyone to ignore the wriggling bodies on the ground gasping for air.

Actually, in addition to the President and the Speaker, the Dems should thank Rep. Stupak (D-MI) for giving them the final and fatal serving of asbestos ObamaCare.

The nine votes he delivered, that switched hours before the final House floor vote, ensured the final Dem death kneel, by allowing the measure to pass by just three votes.

But the Dems were and are so blinded, they praised Rep. Stupak.

And as yesterday’s vote to keep the unpopular mandate shows, when it comes to asbestos ObamaCare, the Dems were and still are completely and irrationally politically suicidal.