The Dems, Debt and Addiction

Now that the failure of the ObamaStimulus has been laid bare — 41,000 private jobs in May created, but 400,000 plus temporary government census jobs on the books — it is clear that the Trillion Dollar President is out of arrows in his lets-spend-and-borrow-our-way-out-of-the-recession quiver.

Liberals who are now calling for more stimulus spending get it. They are scared because it is obvious to all the stimulus has failed.

The Dems in Congress are not in any mood to do anything else — literally, they are too scared to do anything — even produce and pass a budget.

The Dems are in fact, frightened out of their minds about the mid-term elections. Some are resigned, having tried to warn their fellow Dems, Charlie Cook, for example.

Nothing has changed the fact that Speaker Pelosi will no longer be Speaker after the elections. The news, particularly on the generic ballot, keeps getting worse.

As a result, the election algorithms continue to show the Dems lose the House. ObamaCare will take the House from the Dems, regardless of their Taming of the Shrew cries that the night is in fact day.

The economy will not recover under Obama’s borrow-and-give-taxpayer-money-away-to-Dem-voters politics.

The oil spill will not stop by itself and Obama has been publicly ineffective in every way to deal with the politics of the spill. He does the usual liberal prescriptions — files a lawsuit against BP, but he is ineffective and looks so everyday. (The oil spill is kicking his ass.)

The news about ObamaCare is bad and gets worse everyday. And once the American public are forced to deal with the U.S. government in terms of their own health care, because they will lose the plan they like, ObamaCare it will get even worse for the Dems.

The Dems are powerless to stop the money printing that they have addicted the U.S. population and government to — they have forced taxpayer money on huge sectors of the American public and economy — just like by forcibly injecting us all with heroin.

The Dems are in full denial mode of their addiction, and an intervention will not come from their own party.

The natural outcome of Obama’s debt and spending decisions are on display in Europe. Our Europe-like-future is clear.

Nor do the Dems show any intention of understanding or acknowledging that we are printing hundreds of billions each year (I estimate about $800 billion) to buy our own Treasury bills, nor any intention (obviously) of stopping it.

Even if the Dems wanted to stop the spending, they can’t.

Their party and their voters live and breathe off debt, and what is left to take from the U.S. taxpayer.

Therefore, the Dems cannot stop spending, and nor do they intend to stop.

The only way the nation has a shot at changing the current crash course of barreling to our economic doom, is to end the Dem rule in the House and the Senate in November.

Get the addict out of the heroine production facility.

Otherwise, Obama’s drive to destroy the nation economically, and destroy our status as the world’s only remaining superpower, will continue and will likely succeed.