Free-Enterprise America: Defend Yourself or Die

ObamaCare could have been stopped if health care industries, the drug companies and health insurers, principally, had opposed the law from the beginning.

Even with the now-retiring “pro-life” Stupak Double Cross, the bill only passed the House with three votes after double-crossing Stupak delivered nine.

Now, Obama plans on a $125 million ObamaCare television-ad love-fest to protect Members of Congress who voted for the bill.

Meanwhile, free-enterprise America is gun-shy about running ads, issue ads or political ads.

Buying lobbyist time will help mitigate the pain, a little. It will not solve the problem or prevent a legislative attack.

The White House is simply too arrogant and too smug and too ideological. And the Dems cannot and will not stop their left-wing march.

They want to fight their enemy and hurt them.

Here is what Obama just said: “I don’t sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar, we talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answers, so I know whose ass to kick.”

Free-enterprise America is ill-equipped for battle, and does not even want to battle.

It is not is capable of taking the necessary steps to win.

To win, the only answer is to bring political pain to those inflicting pain on free-enterprise, or defeat a candidate causing free-enterprise pain.

No other course of action will change how Congress votes.

But, meanwhile, the Dems are willing to do what it takes to win, and to fund it.

Free-enterprise America has taken huge hits recently. ObamaCare, a take over of the student loan industry, GM and new regulatory scheme that has and will kill credit in a down economy — to mention only a few.

The Dems are playing for keeps and unless free-enterprise America wakes up and plays hard-ball instead of patty-cake, forgetaboutit, the country as we know it will end.

And the Dems will drive Debt up and entitlements up and spending up until we lose our superpower status and have to sell aircraft carriers at bake-sales, and the high interest rate, high inflation, low dollar days will arrive with a vengeance.

Given the fact that Obama plans on push our debt past 100% of our GDP, how exactly will free-enterprise fair then? (Until the site is back up, this link will do.)

Really, the political tactics of free-enterprise America have failed. Victories, like ObamaCare and the tie-the-financial-sector-in-knots-that-will-cut-off-its-circulation, have gone to Obama and the Dems that could have and should have been defeats.

And all the big interests could do is negotiate a slower demise, because they refused to oppose these measures on principle.

Or to really fight hard. They are soft. And they are weak.

They attempt to band together as associations, but all that does is allow the lowest common denominator to be the position of the association, the weakest, most un-objectionable course of action to be free-enterprise’s approach.

Associations are spineless creatures co-opted by cowardly practices, who pay those who disagree with them to tell them how to win.

Enjoy your false fruits you negotiators, they will not last long because the fiscal destruction of America as a superpower and the leader of the world’s economy is happening right now.

And your companies will reap the whirl-wind.

Perhaps there are other markets to sell to? Not really, no, there are not any other markets.

As recent history has shown, free-enterprise will not defend itself politically — effectively, or otherwise.

It has no courage, no fight, no will and no competence.

And the Dems know it, which is why they keep pushing more and more radical spending and entitlements.

President Debt-Obama just announced his intention to expand his domestic agenda.

They are not kidding: while the country is up in arms about our debt, the Dems pass a $2.5 trillion health care entitlement.

Every single Dem Senator voted for allowing the bill to pass. Every one. In this political climate, they all allowed it to pass.

If you don’t think the Dems are serious, look at the $125 million fund they just announced to defend ObamaCare, a bill they already passed?

Where is the $125 million fund to punish the Dems who voted for ObamaCare?

There is none for those who are serious about winning. Being too effective is a crime to the lowest-common denominator.

Where are the hundred plus million in ads to defeat the kill the credit act — or the Obama Banking Reform bill?

Just one provision alone will cost $40 billion in revenues — and the world of free enterprise can say nothing, will hit no one, and will not spend what it takes to win.

So, they lose.

And will keep losing until they are serious about winning and fighting to win and not negotiating to lose.

What America has become is free-enterprise wimps. The public senses it. It is why the establishment is taking its lumps in the polls.

I cry not for those who get beaten, and will not fight back. They are cowering dogs and the Dems will kick the living-ness out of them.

Self-defense is a universal principle. But not one that free-enterprise America will not act on.

I cry only for the loss of the country, and its destruction by spending and debt and regulation and an ever-growing government that is crushing freedom and opportunity in order to destroy wealth and redistribute whatever is left.

If you are one of the two Americans who pay Federal taxes, and give your money to the one who doesn’t pay taxes, just one final note, your share of the federal debt is $118,000.

Exactly who do you think is going to pay it? Those who do not pay taxes?

But remember, those who had the resources to fight and win, sat on their hands in favor of going hat in hand and pleading for a less-quick death by regulation, law, debt, taxes and spending.

They have lost the will to fight, and therefore, in a life and death struggle, will cease to exist.

Cross-posted to HSA Coalition.org.