The Stupak Double Cross

Late Saturday night I began to get “a bad feeling” about Stupak. As of Sunday morning, none of the GOP staff on Capitol Hill in pro-life offices that I talked to had any idea about any possible Stupak Executive Order, or where the pro-life groups stood on that question. No one had heard anything. (The distribution process of the position of the pro-life groups had failed.)

Further, the threat-perception was low because Stupak himself kept convincingly and repeatedly denying any deal had or was going to struck. Throughout the course of Sunday morning and afternoon, I had various intermediaries go directly to Stupak, and face-to-face asked him if there was a deal. These included reporters, staff and other Members of Congress.

He lied to all of them.

Further, the Catholic Church had been cut out and cut off by Stupak towards the end of last week — they realized as they could not reach him.

Rep. Stupak traded his and his followers’ vote for a piece of paper that will be shredded by the first judge to decide between the law and the Stupak Executive Order.

The law Stupak voted for will win the coming lawsuit by pro-abortion groups over the differences between the law and the Executive Order, obviously. Then, thanks to Rep. Stupak, taxpayer funded abortions will be legal and underway.

Stupak’s claim that he and his folks was willing to be responsible for killing ObamaCare, was a lie.

Stupak not only double crossed his allies and his colleagues, he double crossed the innocents.

But for the Stupak double cross, it was clear that the Dems would have lost the vote, and ObamaCare would have been dead.

I did my best to stop this bill, and accurately reported the vote count, and as the vote approached Sunday afternoon, it was clear to everyone that the Red Queen did not have the votes — until the Stupak double cross.

Now, it is time to make the Dems to feel the same political pain they have inflicted on us. This is not a matter of revenge, it is a matter of principle. They have ignored the public and betrayed their word — they must be unelected.