ObamaCare will Kill Millions of Babies

According to the strongest pro-life lobby, Right to Life: “a vote for the Senate-passed health bill (H.R. 3590) is a vote for the most expansively pro-abortion legislation ever to come before the House of Representatives” — since Roe v. Wade.

However, Right to Life is allowing Representatives to make their Yes or No decision about the bill on grounds other than the mass killing of the innocents. Many Members who claim they are pro-life, have announced they will vote for this bill.

Every Member of Congress should be told that if they vote for this bill will be ineligible for any endorsement from Right to Life. These Representatives will simply have too much blood on their hands.

It is time to dial up the pressure equal to that of the Speaker’s office and the White House. Since the Speaker has announced “no deal” and that she will not make a deal, why wait?

Right to Life has the ability to change Yes to No votes today, if they make this announcement. Will they?