Dems Still Do Not Have the Votes

The Democratic Leadership told FOX News this morning they do not know which members will vote Yes, but that they will have 216. Rep. Wasserman Schultz also admitted the vote count was, uh, “in flux.”

The truth of the matter is that the vote count will be in flux up until the gavel comes down to end the vote.

The Moderate Voice is suggesting the vote be delayed, because they are very worried about losing the vote. (And they wrote the post when FireDogLake had the No votes at 208, but FireDogLake is now at 209 No votes.)

The Hill’s Whip Count is showing 37 Democrats voting, or leaning No. 38 Dems voting No is the magic number — at that point it is over for the Speaker. The Dems lose. The Hill has 15 Members at undecided.

The Washington Post has only 31 Dems voting No and 24 undecideds, but they know the Dems are still without the Yes votes they need.

RollCall cites setbacks for the Dem Leadership of Rep. Space, Rep. Matheson and Rep. Nye all voting No, as well as the fact that “there are no other easy targets for leadership among Democrats who voted ‘no’ in November.”

FireDogLake has the No votes at 209, with 204 Yes and 10 leaning No and 8 unknown. FireDogLake puts the Speaker down by 12 votes, and the No side down 7.

I know, from sources on both sides of the House aisle, the Dems do not have the votes.

Bottom line: The Red Queen Still Does Not Have the Votes.