FOX NEWS and their "vote count"

FOX News ought to be ashamed of itself. Pushing their only two away, only one away, the Dems have the votes, they are at plus one in the Yes vote tally. They were wrong when they reported it and they are still wrong.

While FOX News was reporting that the Fat Lady has already sung, the pro-Dem Washington Post is reporting the Dems are “feverish” in their panting efforts to secure the votes.

GOP House Whip Cantor says the Dems do not have the votes, so does FireDogLake.

I know they don’t have the votes. If FOX News was right, the Dems would be having a vote today — but instead they are having a team spirit rally — the modern day versions of drugs before a suicide bomber kills themselves and others.

Anyone at FOX News reading this — insert the most passionate and insulting string of swearing and cursing, apply it to yourself and, perhaps, if you double the intensity to some super-human version — you may begin to reach the depths of my feelings towards what you did. For your incompetence, mostly.

You should fire the idiot doing your vote counting. He or she cannot do simple math, and are injecting guesses and certainty where there is little.

The only thing I can conclude, if not incompetence, is that FOX News is deliberately reporting falsely because FOX has decided it ObamaCare to pass because they know how long it will take to the Dems to recover — the aftermath of the Dem train wreck known as HillaryCare took more than a decade.

But FOX News is playing Russian Roulette with the country for a short term political gain. I reject it and think it is reprehensible. The FOX News line that it’s over — so stop fighting, is morally and ethically wrong. And their vote count is factually wrong.